I’ve obviously had to rely heavily on some online resources to get me through this project. There is no way on earth I could have done this on my own. So I just wanted to make a list of them all to have a central resource that could help other people who might want to embark on a similar project. I’ll be uploading this post throughout the build, adding any new resources I rely on.

Project Arcade – How to Build Your Own Arcade Machine by John St. Clair – This is the bible that got me started in the first place. So much great advice and probably the best starting point for anyone thinking of building their own cab.

Cabinet built in 24 hourshttp://chris.polymathic.net/cabinet/index.shtml – There were some useful tips in this build that really helped me
GeekPubhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yX3rQG89M0&feature=youtu.be – Very thorough video series here too
Cold Beam Gameshttp://www.coldbeamgames.com/blog/i-built-an-arcade-cabinet – This is another one too which was a massive help, particularly as the guy specified the details of the slot cutter that I had to buy, which I had spent ages trying to find online. It is a beautiful build of a Fallout inspired MAME cabinet.

I Like To Make Stuffhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3QXLQ1UXqs – I’m a huge fan of Bob Clagett’s work and this video series was what made me discover his awesome website and YouTube channel. Check it out and get lost in a rabbit hole of awesomeness
Abs Delfuegohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kcma1O2e3tM I found this series of videos to be really helpful in some of the woodwork and structural elements
Neil Neghttps://www.youtube.com/user/NeilNegNeilNeg/videos – another great series of videos with lots of great hands on examples of a cabinet build. And he had a forum post following the build here too – http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,122792.0.html

Retro Gaming Rounduphttp://www.retrogamingroundup.com/ – Their episodes 3,4 and 5 have great segments about how to build or refurbish your own arcade cabinet.
Rob Flack O’Harahttp://podcast.robohara.com/ – I love all of Rob’s work. He has lots of episodes related to arcades but the main ones I found useful were the ones on MAME Cabinets, MAME and Arcade Guts.
Making It Podcasthttp://makingitpodcast.com/ – I find these guys so inspiring. Not just their individual work but also everything else they talk about and that they do. Bob Clagett (who did the I Like To Make Stuff arcade build above), Jimmy DiResta and David Picciuto. They don’t talk about arcade machines but they talk about making stuff in general and I found that so motivating during my build. Superb podcast.

Arcade Controlshttp://forum.arcadecontrols.com/
UK VAChttp://www.ukvac.com/

Slagcoinhttp://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/layout.html – Great resource which has become famous for the control button layouts.

Arcade World UKhttp://www.arcadeworlduk.com/ Amazing resource for UK residents. This is where I bought most of my arcade buttons, joysticks, wires, speakers etc
Ultimarc.comhttp://ultimarc.com/ Great resource in the US for arcade supplies, and the makers of the Mag Stick Plus
Game on Grafixhttp://www.gameongrafix.com/ Great place for getting arcade vinyl printed for side art, control panels and marquees
Router Cutterhttp://routercutter.co.uk/ – The main place I found in the UK to buy the slot cutter required for the t-moulding slots
Dean Swain – and not to forget Dean ‘Swainy’ Swain, owner of the awesome Retro Asylum website and podcast, who sold me his Raspberry Pi that was already set up to run RetroPie

Here’s a list of all the posts about my arcade build.

Part 1
Part 2 – Decisions
Part 3 – Cabinet Design
Part 4 – Control Panel Plans
Part 5 – Initial Questions and Concerns
Part 6 – Online Resources
Part 7 – Cabinet Plans
Part 8 – Buying and Cutting the Wood
Part 9 – Tools and Materials
Part 10 – Building the Cabinet
Part 11 – Building the Control Panel
Part 12 – Sanding and Painting
Part 13 – The Coin Door
Part 14 – Artwork
Part 15 – Printing and Applying the Vinyl
Part 16 – Adding all the T-moulding
Part 17 – The TV Monitor
Part 18 – Making the Bezel
Part 19 – The Marquee
Part 20 – Installing the Electronics
Part 21 – Setting up MAME
Part 22 – Issues to Watch Out For
Part 23 – The Finished Cabinet