When I got this Matchbox catalogue off eBay, I just kept turning the pages and my “wow”s just kept getting louder. So many awesome products in this one little catalogue. And it only cost 5p back in the day! Feast your eyes on what is below. Just click on a picture to see it bigger.

Matchbox 1984 Catalogue

First of all we have Lock-Ups. I’d forgotten all about these. I had one of them but haven’t heard anything about them at all since the mid 80s.

These next two photos have some pretty cool garages and playsets. We had an older version of the compact garage.

The right hand page below has one of the most exciting things I remember from my youth. It wasn’t just a regular car track. It was a Streak Racing glow in the dark car track. It’s hard to get more cool than that.

These carry cases are almost as awesome as the famous Star Wars carry cases. I love that convoy truck one.

Now we’re really hitting the good stuff. Rough Riders! The original Rough Riders and the Tri-Ex versions too. These things were so cool and the TV ads were just as awesome.

What’s better than a Rough Rider? How about an A-Team, Knight Rider or Dukes of Hazzard Rough Rider!! I’ve got the A-Team van and K.I.T.T. ones in my collection but I’d really love to get them all. I’m curious as to why this catalogue just has artwork for the A-Team van and the General Lee and not product photos as they must have been two of the most popular ones.

Double awesome on this page. Firstly we have the Rough Riders Impossibles tracks where you get to show your Rough Rider doing some outrageous stunts, and then on the other page you have the totally awesome Burnin’ Key Cars. What a great idea. Having an adult-looking ignition key that you can stick into the back of the car, squeeze it and then send the car flying. And these things really flew. I remember my mates and I used to point them up in the air and have them flying about all over the place.

Just when you thought they’d reached the pinnacle of awesome in this catalogue they then even managed to trump the Burnin’ Key Cars with the only possible thing you could do to make them more cool. Glowin’ Burnin’ Key Cars! Making anything glow in the dark just makes it cooler. Those launchers on the right also look great. Wish I had them back in the day.

Phew! So there you have it. Lots to choose from but I’d probably have to say the TV show Rough Riders are my favourite. Which of the above did you have?