We don’t just like retro games here, but we also like modern games. If you are a beginner in Valorant, being in the lowest level can be annoying; however, you can move up pretty fast by following these Valorant tips and tricks for beginners.

Valorant players want to rank up fast, but most find it quite challenging, especially when starting. The game is governed by its ranking system with eight unique ranks and a total of twenty-five different levels. The Iron 1 rank is the first rank all new players start at before working towards the radiant rank, which is the highest. 

Players want to climb the rank and reach the leaderboard; this target is especially true for beginners, as many do not enjoy being at the bottom of the pile. The ranking is the overall rating of a player’s skills and abilities, so rising the ranks will mean becoming a better player. 

While most beginners will later understand that climbing the ranks in the Valorant game is not easy, a few will learn simple tricks that’ll quickly take them up the ranks. Some may even decide to jump the gun and go for Valorant hacks with aimbot. The truth is that players need to improve their game win rate up their skills. 

Tips and Tricks For Beginners To Rank Up Fast in Valorant
Here are some tips and tricks a beginner can employ to improve their rankings fast and move up the leaderboard:

1. Utilize Deathmatch and Aim Training
Most players rush into competitive matches without any warm-up or training, thus making them struggle within the first few minutes of the game or even throughout. Use deathmatch and aim training to practice and build rhythm before a competitive match. Styles that favor bursting to tapping and spraying improve aiming better. 

2. Build a Solid Team
Building a team involves selecting players you want to enjoy the game alongside. Playing with friends or people you have a good rapport with is a great way to start. It makes communication easier and the game enjoyable. However, you don’t always have to build a team of friends initially. Instead, you can find teammates from the game among gamers who enjoy the game as you do and build rapport from there. You should also consider the agents your teammates have and select teammates with diverse agents. 

3. Pick Great Agents
Picking a group of about two to four agents to help you reach the top is a great way to move up the ranks. There are many game agents with different playing styles and skills. Selecting agents that not only suit your playing style but are also self-sufficient is ideal. For example, finding active agents who are strong duelists will help you move up faster. You can also consider fast agents and agents that learn fast. 

4. Watch Pro Valorant Players
Most professional Valorant players play on Switch, and YouTube and allow others to live stream their games. Watching these players play the game will help you better understand how the game works and the mindset of the pros. You’ll also learn valuable skillsets and decision-making that will help you improve.

5. Memorize the In-game Position of Rival Agents
Most players have the habit of playing the half in the same position, either defending or attacking a site. If you can memorize the rival players’ and agents’ positions, you can deduce if they are not switching up their styles and use it against them. By coordinating an attack of an extra team, you can take over enemy sites or overshadow the attacking team on your site. 

6. Focus on the Weaker Players and Those Without Credit
Focus on battling the weaker players in the opposing team first before strategizing with your teammates to beat the strongest. This is an effective strategy to help build your one-on-one match strength first. You can also check the opposing team’s credits and focus on the player without credit, which means you have more ammo. Before you jump on the player with no credit, ensure their teammate does not have high credits either, as it can mean they can afford to buy strong weapons for their mate.

7. Pay Attention to the Minimap
The minimap contains valuable information like the position of your teammates, enemies, and more. Keeping a close eye on this map helps you pick up signs like an ‘X’ indicating the death of a teammate or a ‘?’ indicating that an enemy has been spotted. Armed with this information, you can make a calculated attack or defense on sites.

8. Dead Teammates Can Still Help
Having a dead teammate only means one less player on the field as the teammate can help as spotters and strategizers. Firstly, a dead teammate needs to call in their death point, the number of enemies spotted, and other valuable information that can help their teammates.

9. Understand the In-game Economy
Valorant has an in-game economy where players buy ammo and helpful packs to help themselves and their teams. Understanding how this economy works and which packs are the most helpful will benefit your team. In addition, the team can strategize before each level with the amount currently available and what will be available at the end of the level. Luckily, the amount available at the end of the level is visible before the level, helping the team plan better. 

Valorant is quite popular because of its mechanics and tactics, including teamwork. The ranking system also makes playing the game worthwhile since many want to reach and stay on the leaderboard. Beginners find this challenge even more intriguing but can easily get overwhelmed without proper guidance.