Portable gaming has come a long way in a short space of time. At the turn of the century, you had handhelds like the Game Boy Color and Neo Geo Pocket that struggled to replicate 16-bit games. Nowadays, the average smartphone is capable of handling titles that wouldn’t look out of place on current consoles.

However, mobile devices are also great for revisiting some classic retro games. Once you have topped up your Android or iOS balance by visiting here, make sure to check out the following five titles.

1. Streets of Rage 2
Not much more can be said about Streets of Rage 2. Lauded as the king of the beat ‘em ups, this timeless Sega title has everything you’d want from this game genre. Impactful and exciting gameplay. Varied stages and colourful characters. An incredible soundtrack. It set the standard 30 years ago – and it has yet to be surpassed.

The great news is that you can download the game right now onto your mobile. Once done, make sure to try out the long-awaited – and highly recommended – 2020 release of Streets of Rage 4.

2. Crazy Taxi
Going back to Sega, this time it’s the Dreamcast classic Crazy Taxi. The premise is a seemingly mundane one: transport passengers to their desired destinations. However, the game lives up to its ‘Crazy’ moniker. As you fly down hills, drift across beaches, and hurtle through rush hour traffic, you take everyone from fast food workers to priests to their destinations within a matter of seconds. If you’re not quick enough, they’ll jump out of your taxi without paying!

The mobile version misses out on the renowned Offspring-led soundtrack and branded stores and restaurants, but it still boasts the fast, frantic action that’ll have you saying, ‘Just one more game’.

3. RollerCoaster Tycoon
For something a little slower-paced, classic strategy simulator RollerCoaster Tycoon can also be found on mobile app stores. The game tasks you with various scenarios – from turning around a flailing theme park to starting one from scratch – and it’s up to you to build rides, hire staff, and balance the books.

Just remember to test out those rollercoasters before letting your customers on – you don’t want a costly crash that will ruin your reputation!

4. Broken Sword 2
George Stobbart is on another adventure in Broken Sword 2, the follow-up to the landmark original in the series. Explore vibrant tropical islands, unwittingly stumble onto a movie set, traverse the London Underground, and more as you try to avoid the dangers that lurk around the corner and solve the Mayan mystery behind the kidnapping of George’s girlfriend.

With great locations, an interesting and humorous script, and stellar voice acting, Broken Sword 2 is worth adding to any phone’s game library.

5. Grand Theft Auto 3
The game that started the 3D GTA revolution, Grand Theft Auto 3 isn’t as sophisticated, varied, or even exciting as subsequent titles in the series. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth your time. GTA 3 still delivers a healthy dose of mindless fun alongside an enjoyable story.

Bonus entry – Day of the Tentacle
Here’s another one for all you point and click fans. The classic Day of the Tentacle has been remastered and called, you guessed it, ‘Day of the Tentacle Remastered’. It obviously has updated controls but it still has all the original style animation and puzzles that made gamers fall in love with it back in the 90s.

Playing on your mobile is a great pastime, and it is made even better when you opt for retro games. Hopefully, this article has been able to point you in the direction you need to go to find the best retro video game suitable for mobile phones or has opened up your gaming possibilities.