It doesn’t matter how long you have been into gaming for, everyone has that friend (or friends) who can’t seem to get into it. You may have been extolling the virtues of retro gaming, online gaming, or online gambling for years, but there’s always that person in your group who tells you that they just don’t see the appeal. But even though things are finally getting easier after a rough couple of years, we are all looking for ways that we can spend more time with our friends, whether it is in person or remote. And you may well have found that the buddy who previously told you that they had no interest in trying gaming has now changed their mind.

However, the fact is that some people are harder to convince than others. If your friend did not grow up with a controller in their hand, the chances are that they do not have that in-built love for the world of gaming that the rest of us have. And if that is the case, it is not going to be as simple as throwing them a game title and suggesting that they play it when they have some spare time. If you want to get a friend up to speed so they can play with you and the rest of your buddies at the same level, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Find Out What They Mean By “Gaming”
The best place to start is by trying to figure out exactly what it is they are looking for. Gaming is a word that covers such much territory, and everyone has their own preferred genre, console, and experience. Right now, all kinds of video games are seeing a massive boom in popularity. If your friend is truly starting from a blank slate, then find out what kind of experience they want from gaming. Do they want to be able to join you and your friends for a campaign online? Do they want something more in the vein of a long solo RPG that they can explore at their own pace? Or are they looking to spin the wheel at an online casino? Once this question has been answered, you can move on.

Genre Is Key
Of course, choosing a type of gaming is not as simple as picking a mode. Every gamer has their own favorites when it comes to booting up their console. You are going to have to talk to your friend about what kind of stories and gameplay they think they might enjoy. Would a shoot- ‘em-up be their cup of tea? Or something more epic fantasy related? If they want to gamble online, are they going to want to spin the roulette wheel, play a hand of poker, or check out some retro-themed slots? Personal taste is obviously key, but you can certainly give them some examples which brings us to our next point.

Show Them What You Love
One of the main reasons why somebody might want to get into gaming for the first time is because they have seen how much you enjoy it. With that in mind, one of the best places to start would be introducing them to some of your favorites. Now, it probably would be a little overwhelming to throw them in at the deep end if you have been playing online with the same team for a long time, but there are ways that you can ease them into it.

Show Them Where To Find Good Deals
Everyone is looking for ways that they can save a little money right now, and gaming is now exception. In fact, you know that gaming can be one of the more expensive hobbies out there. So, instead of telling them to splash out a big chunk of their weekly budget on a brand-new game, show them where they can find deals that will either save them money or offer them a signing up bonus. This can be particularly important if they are looking at getting into online gambling. There are a lot of different sites out there and finding the one that has the best bonuses and free spins is going to be a key step. Jackpot Casino offers cash drop deals to its members, as well as plenty of other amazing deals that anyone who plays online casino games is going to want to know about. They are a great place to start if your friend is just dipping their toe into online gambling for the first time.

Remember To Be Patient
Here is an important one that can be easy to forget. You almost certainly have many more years, if not decades, of experience gaming than your friend does if they are a beginner. As a result, they are going to have some questions that may seem obvious to you. It may also take them a lot longer to pick up some things that may seem incredibly basic. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to show them the ropes and that they need to do this at their own pace. There is nothing more likely to stop someone from getting into gaming than someone getting frustrated that they are not picking it up quickly enough. Be patient and remember that this is supposed to be fun.

Help Them To Be Safe Online
One of the biggest factors that you need to consider if you are helping someone get into online gaming and gambling in particular is the risk of cybercrime. There have been so many stories over the last couple of years about the staggering rise in cybercrime incidents, and if your friend is going to start spending more money and more time online, they need to be aware of the risks. Start by telling them how they can better secure their accounts with two-factor authentication and random password generators. Remember that emails or messages that may seem obviously suspicious to you may not to them, so remind them that they should never click any links in messages from accounts that they do not recognize. You should also advise them to invest in good cybersecurity software if they are going to be using their home computer or phone, and you should tell them to check the security certificates of any sites that they are using.

Get Everyone Involved
Finally, the most satisfying thing about finally getting a friend into gaming is that you can share the experience. Think about how you can welcome them into this world by getting social with it. Retro gamers know that there are very few things that are as fun as having all your friends around to grab a controller and playing some multiplayer at one of your houses. And with so many recent remasters of classic games, you could think about scheduling in an online gaming session for you and your buddies. If you are more of a gambler than a gamer, then you know that you do not need to head to the casino to try your luck as a group. A lot of online casinos offer the option to play with your friends, or at least to pit your group’s skills against some strangers. So, don’t just leave them to it, get everyone involved!