Despite the prevalent shift towards newer games in the gaming industry, retro games still hold an essential role in the scheme of things. So many gamers turn to these older games for curiosity’s sake, some for nostalgia, and others simply find them massively satisfying. The fact that some of these casino games released several years ago still have relevance shows they are classics.

Despite the exposure to more advanced gadgets, newer game systems, and more thrilling mechanics, some of the oldest games still give the newer ones a run for their money. The question is, what are the ingredients present in classic retro games that make them so appealing to players?

Advantages of retro games over modern ones:

Superior theme and plot
If you strip off all the HD graphics and immaculate animations, the storylines behind some of the modern games are inferior to what is obtainable in the good old games. Classics are often built around plots that players emotionally connect with. So even while these games had lower resolution and poor visuals, the compelling storyline remains long-lasting in players’ minds.

In the same way, many classic movies are more memorable than newer, often more bland, film series. After some players spend a significant amount of time on these modern game offerings, they soon yearn for some of those old games.

Simple yet exciting
Gaming has become so lucrative and complex that many people have it as their full time career, both producing and playing. The characters and game functions are so advanced that numerous keyboard buttons and sometimes specific gadgets are needed to play them properly. Back in the day, retro games were straightforward, and the difficulty slightly increased with the level.

While there may appear to be more engagement with new games, too many complex elements can take away from the fundamental reason for playing in the first place – fun. Besides, the classic three reels, few paylines, and limited bonus features of retro casino games didn’t stop the big potential payouts and high roller bonuses from rolling out. Often more complexity doesn’t mean more fun.

Better compatibility and more usability
The newer consoles and gaming gadgets used for these modern games can be very demanding. They usually require an online connection, a registered account, regular updates, etc. On the other hand, retro games are hassle-free with little to no requirements. While a modern console is waiting for two hours to download and install an 8GB update, a retro game player can switch on instantly and get in some good game time.

High replay value
Many of the latest games are very captivating the first time you play them. However, when a player goes through all the stages and levels, it becomes boring to have to play them again. Why? The visuals and theme are the major selling points, and it’s no longer fascinating to see a second time around. Plus also the games are often ‘on rails’ where the user plays through linearly and doesn’t have much variation when playing it again.

Conversely, the 2D graphics of many retro games spotlight the story and features. These quick and entertaining retro games constitute the right amount of playtime and game plots that players always find interesting.

What the modern games have going for them is the graphics. Without a doubt, these games are more visually stimulating and compelling than the classics. But as they say, ‘looks fade.’ Instead, retro game plots make them ever-relevant, especially as many of these new games are built on the classic themes of their older counterparts. So discount retro games. Maybe make some space for them next to your modern classics.