If you love all things retro, then it’s only natural that you’d want to incorporate it into the most important day of your life, your wedding. Retro weddings can pull from any era, whether your taste is more Victoriana or 1920s, 1970s Woodstock or you dream of walking down the aisle in a classic 1990s off-the-shoulder mini that you’ve made yourself. Retro and vintage have long been popular wedding choices. Even celebrity brides like Anne Hathaway, and the Duchess of Cambridge incorporated retro influences into their special day. You can take the best bits from your favorite era to make a modern retro wedding day that you and your guests will remember for years to come. 

Choose Your Era
Before you start hiring your vintage car, choosing dresses or even your first song, you need to decide what kind of retro wedding you want and how far you want to go with your theme. Any past era will work. You just need to focus on a specific period that you can build your wedding around to make sure it’s really authentic. So while you might think you already know everything there is to know about your chosen era, it’s a good idea to do plenty of research. Look at the fashion, hairstyles and cars, even what food was popular. The more you can find out, the easier you’ll find planning your retro wedding and do justice to your chosen period.

Don’t Forget The Rings
If you want your wedding to be authentic retro, you need to consider every detail. That includes choosing vintage or retro wedding rings that reflect the time period. After all, other than your spouse, it is your one permanent keepsake from the wedding so your wedding rings need to be perfect. If you are lucky enough, some of your family members may even have heirloom rings that you could have. However, not everyone is as fortunate to be gifted a family heirloom, but you can find some beautiful, authentic vintage rings from second-hand shops or alternatively, pick vintage-inspired modern rings. 

Pick Your Wedding Wardrobe Carefully
The most important part of any retro wedding is the outfits. Clothing and hairstyles are often what makes an era so memorable. The bride and groom’s outfits, along with the bridesmaids’ dresses and even the best man and usher outfits, should fit your theme. But if you feel that a retro gown may feel more like wearing a costume, look instead for a modern dress you like that has vintage-style details that work with your chosen era. The same goes for the men’s outfits. They don’t need to go the whole hog and wear authentic vintage suits but instead look for details that create a unique retro feel, such as ties, hats and even suspenders (depending on the period).

The Music
Obviously the music is an easy and incredibly powerful and entertaining way to give your special day a retro vibe. Depending on your era, you could choose a tribute band, or a band that specialises in 50s rock or 80s covers. Even if you just have a DJ running the show, you can still give them a curated playlist with your favourite songs from a particular era. Think about what songs you and your partner enjoy, and also which ones will get your guests up and grooving.

Retro weddings are such a fun and unique way to celebrate your all-important day. So make sure to get it right by ensuring the bride, groom and bridal party are dressed the part, and you’ve picked the perfect vintage style wedding rings that will act as your daily reminder of the wonderful day you shared with your loved ones.