Since the friendly days of retrogaming, modern gaming has become incredibly competitive over the past 10 years. This is largely because of online multiplayer, eSports tournaments and YouTube uploads, where users want to capture the best possible content for their channels. Ultimately, this has led to gamers grinding tirelessly to improve their performance levels, whether it’s on Call of Duty or the notorious FIFA franchise.

But, becoming a better gamer isn’t simple. In fact, it’s actually quite hard, especially when there are millions of other gamers competing against you. However, you can follow the tips in this guide to boost your performance and give yourself a better shot in single and multiplayer action.

Play on the go
To improve, you firstly need to play more: it’s that simple. Of course, this means you need to play on the go; whether you’re travelling to work or out of town visiting friends. In fact, you could even play when you’re on holiday. Visit the website for more holiday tips if you’ve not been on holiday for a while!

Gaming on the go is much easier on handheld consoles and smartphones, so make sure to invest in a good one. For example, a Nintendo Switch enables you to play anytime, anywhere.

Upgrade your setup
A gamer is nothing without a good setup. From your desk to your chair, everything needs to be perfect. Then – and only then – can you perform to your maximum.

Also, it’s worth noting that you should invest in good lighting. Lighting is incredibly important when gaming, as it sets the tone and dictates how comfortable your eyes are. For example, if you have super bright white lighting along with a bright monitor, your eyes are going to become strained – and you don’t want that when you’re training for hours on end.

Try different controllers
Whether you play on console, PC, or handhelds, you have the freedom to customize the controller.

Let’s say you play on PC. Sure, you can use the standard mouse and keyboard combination, but you can also try wired (or wireless) external controllers that mirror the console experience. Experiment with the different types of controllers to see which appeal to you most.

Turn off your mic
Microphones are important for communicating with teammates, but they can also be a major distraction when you’re playing online. You can get so caught up with talking to your squad or the opponents that you get distracted and subsequently start to lose games (this is especially common on first-person shooters like COD).

If this sounds familiar to you, turn off your mic and try playing with just the in-game sounds. You should find that this gives you a major boost, as you’ll be more immersed in the gameplay rather than verbal communication.

Alter in-game settings
In-game settings are crucial, from controls to sound settings. For example, many shooters come with aim sensitivity, which can be a big factor in how successful you are at hitting opponents. The higher your aim sensitivity, the faster your aim will be.

Make sure your headset is comfortable
Lastly, you need to ensure that your headset is nice and comfortable. Many gamers complain that their headsets – after a couple of hours of playing – start to hurt their ears. This is almost always because the ear cups are too tight and compact. What you need to do is invest in a headset with padded ear cups and an adjustable headband.  

Nothing helps your gameplay more than practice. But all the tips above should help you to put in all those many hours of practice. Good luck!