Right from the early years of video gaming, there have been some games that stood the test of time. Evergreen titles that people keep coming back to. Some games lead to an ongoing franchise, others just remain classics in their own right. Spanning multiple genres there are always some games that not only keep a devout group of fans playing them but also keep bringing in new players. We could list dozens of games that could satisfy this description, but below are just a handful of games, randomly selected from an eclectic list of genres, to play if you’re bored one day and you happen to have never played them before.

You can spend innumerable hours playing this classic game. This is one of the most crazy-addictive games that was ever released on any system. So many people got their first PC and just played this or Minesweeper for hours on end. This game helps you to improve your strategic thinking as well as enhancing your other mental functions. While it is not as complex as playing chess, Solitaire will require you to employ some strategies if you want to win instead of depending on sheer luck. Once you learn how to make the right moves, you will get a much better chance of winning. This game can be played by newbies with no experience as well. It’s a fun game to play and gives the perfect chance to facilitate recreation. 

More and more people love Pokemon and exploring its wonderful world. It’s a franchise that just keeps getting more popular and bringing in new players. You can play Pokémon Go outdoors and explore the real world through it or you can catch Pokémon from your house while you play it on your Nintendo switch. Pokémon Sword and Shield is an amazing game that has alternate versions of the same game that can help keep both adults as well as children entertained. You can play the latest series of the Pokémon game wherein you have to catch many interesting monsters and train them for battles. If you enjoyed and finished the main game, then you can also look forward to the new game coming up (coming by the end of this year). 

Taking a different style and perhaps a slower pace here, is the classic turn based strategy game Civilization by Sid Meier. Many people think that every version of this game only got better and better. Up to and including Civilization 6. Civilization, for many fans, can provide the ultimate time sink. Time can fly by as you become so engrossed that you won’t even realize it. It is a turn-based strategy game that can be played by all age groups. You will be working on building a full-fledged nation from the ancient era to one of the most modern ones. In the latest ones, you can also play against historical figures like Genghis Khan and Queen Victoria wherein you can decide the entire course of the civilization of your nation. 

Resident Evil
And finally, another totally different genre. But again one with a crazy number of fans that keep playing it. This game never gets old, maybe because the concept is so simple but yet so exciting. The whole idea of the game is that the city is falling apart due to a zombie outbreak. This outbreak actually takes place due to a virus that has leaked and you are in charge of saving the world. Well maybe for some of you this would not be the right game to play right now. For all the others who do not relate it to the coronavirus stuff and have no memory triggers, the recent Resident Evil 3 will give you a perfect chance to be the hero. It is the remake of the 1999 game Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It has the same story but with revamped graphics from 2020. This game can be played online with your friends so even if you cannot get together with them under the same roof you can still enjoy this game from the comforts of all your houses. 

These classic games, and many more, will keep you in the loop with gaming in general and have the added comfort of nostalgic storylines. You should try out as many retro games as possible. There are hundreds to choose from. When playing online games, even as an adult, you can help reduce your stress levels as well as boost your overall well-being. During times like this, playing games online could be the perfect escapism that you need. You can even reconnect with your friends through gaming when it is not possible to physically be with them. Playing games with your family and friends can make a very positive impact. Some games that require you to exercise your mental powers can help you to become sharper. Also, friendly competition always brings in more cheer. 

When you gamify any activity that looks like a chore, you are sure to enjoy it more. If you are trying to improve your vocabulary then you can play online word games with your family, friends, or colleagues and challenge them. That makes learning fun and playful. Enjoy!