Vlogging has quickly become one of the central forms of entertainment for thousands of people worldwide and is easily replacing television. Across YouTube and Twitch, there are thousands of channels for every niche and hobby you can think of. From food vlogs to fitness, here are ten of the best channels and content creators to watch right now. 

Brad Owen (Best Poker Vlog)
Brad Owen has built up a huge following in a niche that many people may not have tagged as being super successful: poker. He incorporates different elements to keep his vlogs fresh and engaging like travel, humor and, of course, poker skills and tips for budding poker players. As far as the metrics and vlogging analytics are concerned, Brad Owen is the Lionel Messi of the poker vlogging world, consistently pulling large numbers for his streams. 

Trainer Tips (Best Pokémon Vlog)
In 2016, Pokémon made a massive comeback with the launch of the mobile app Pokémon GO. Many old fans were brought back to the series, alongside many new Pokémon fanatics that the app helped create. The channel Trainer Tips capitalized on this phenomenon and launched a channel dedicated to the Pokémon series and its evolution over the years. With almost one million subscribers, the channel is still going strong years later.

Pewdiepie (Best Gamer Vlog) 
It should come as no surprise that Pewdiepie is still the most successful individual on YouTube. His channel has amassed over 100 million subscribers since he started in 2010, more than any other individual content creator. Though he makes varied videos these days, he is primarily still a video game vlogger and stays true to these roots with weekly videos. 

Indigo Traveller (Best Travel Vlog)
In only four years, the Indigo Traveller channel has amassed over 700 thousand subscribers on YouTube. The travel channel niche can be very competitive, and Indigo Traveller has managed to stand out from the pack and carve a great path for himself. While he does have the standard videos set in tropical paradises, this vlogger has really made his name documenting his travels in risky and captivating places like North Korea, Pakistan, Venezuela, Egypt, and more.

Bradley Martyn (Best Fitness Vlog) 
Fitness vloggers face stiff competition on YouTube and Twitch as everyone is trying to appeal to a different market and gain an audience. Martyn has managed to build his channel up to 2.5 million subscribers, as well as open his own gym and launch a side project with fellow YouTuber, BroScienceLife. Bradley Martyn gives great advice, has solid plans to offer fitness enthusiasts, and is very entertaining throughout it all. 

Hayley Kim (Best Makeup Vlog) 
Hayley Kim has a popular makeup vlog that reaches 450 thousand people. She is known primarily for her “less is more” mantra, focusing on highlighting her attributes and using a light touch as opposed to the overdone and outrageous style that other makeup vloggers sometimes encourage. She films tutorials and makeup guides, as well as videos about body positivity and natural beauty. 

Dude Perfect (Best Trickshot Vlog)
Vlogging platforms really took off with video game content creators, but there are many other genres that flourished as well. One of these subgenres revolves around trickshots, people making outrageous and challenging shots in basketball, darts, or any other sport you can imagine. The most well known channel for trickshots is Dude Perfect, a channel started by five friends in 2009 that has been a massive success, with over 50 million subscribers thus far. 

Valuetainment (Best Business Vlog)
There are many entrepreneur channels around, some offering great advice, and others just trying to build an audience to sell programs. Valuetainment manages to grab the viewers’ attention, keep them entertained, and provide them with some excellent business knowledge. With over 2 million viewers, the Valuetainment channel is growing every year. From business tips to captivating interviews with famous and unusual people, this channel really has something for everyone. 

Best Ever Food Review Show (Best Food Vlog)
This channel, led by the entertaining Sonny, has been an inspiring success story for many people that are looking to break into vlogging and content creating. In only four years’ time, Sonny has managed to build his channel to over 4.5 million subscribers. The production value is top-notch, and the guests add a lot to the experience, but where Sonny really stands out is his unusual food experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. Sonny has eaten a variety of bizarre things over the years, in far-flung cities around the world. You just never know what you will see on this channel.

Chessbrah (Best Chess Vlog)
Many people wrongly imagine the best days of chess are far in the past. However, through the power of the internet, chess is making a huge comeback with the younger viewing demographic. Vloggers like Chessbrah and his friends are showing that the game can appeal to a younger crowd, and their light hearted streams keep the game entertaining. While providing great tips and advice for new players, the Chessbrah channel manages to be fun and professional, as it helps to usher the game into a new era.