While what we consider to be retro may change as time passes, our love of all things retro doesn’t. This year’s Super Bowl featured a slew of retro-themed adds, which, for many, was likely the highlight of the game, along with the half-time show. But this year’s halftime show ads aren’t the only satisfying union of retro tastes and the NFL.

There’s been a recent uptick in interest in NFL uniforms worn from a team’s formative years (as far back as the 1930s for some), all the way to the 90s. Unfortunately, the NFL has restricted rules that would allow the return of such uniforms for temporary periods, even as alternate uniforms. Though for some throwback uniforms, like the Pittsburgh Steelers striped 1930s garb, a retro rehab reminds us that the past is sometimes best left behind.

If the upcoming 2020-21 NFL season could be predicted based on 70s uniforms, there would no question in betting on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their Creamsicle color scheme. However, NFL 2021 future odds are already available, and the Buccaneers aren’t listed by the writers. Instead, the Saints, Packers, and Ravens’ stats are looking attractive—despite the fact that their retro uniforms were forgettable, if not downright upsetting.

The Packers, for instance, have given their 1930s-40s uniform another try, though this ‘treat to fans’ renders the team nearly unrecognizable. These old uniforms are composed of beige, gold, and blue without a drop of their trademark green. The Ravens and Saints sported uniforms so forgettable that they aren’t worth rehashing here.

Two crucial factors that will determine a top retro look are color scheme and design. Depending on personal preference, a fan may be more apt to prefer the design of the buffalo silhouette on the 90s Buffalo Bills helmet, while others would prefer a comeback for the aforementioned Tampa Bays Buccaneers’ uniform which has subsequently been dubbed ‘the Creamsicles’.

Both color scheme and design are important. The Philadelphia Eagles’ have a great throwback helmet that features wings, but the bright Kelly-green color isn’t memorable. Meanwhile, the LA Chargers have a delightful powder blue throwback uniform, but the design isn’t anything to write home about.

However, one truly memorable retro jersey has recently made a comeback. The Detroit Lions brought back their matte silver and blue getups as alternative uniforms for the 2018 season, and these aren’t the only colors that have fans excited. The minimalist design of the uniforms isn’t something often seen in the NFL, regardless of era. If the Creamsicles really aren’t slated for a comeback, the Detroit Lions throwback getup will have to do.