Every year I try to stay awake to watch the Super Bowl. Well, guess what. This year I managed it! I stayed awake until 3.30am and thoroughly enjoyed watching the Kansas City Chiefs win their first Super Bowl for 50 years.
But one of the other great things about Super Bowl weekend is the adverts that are launched in the US. I always keep a specific eye out for any retro-related ones. We’ve had some good ones over the years.

Here are some of this year’s best retro Super Bowl ads.

Jeep – Groundhog Day
Great to see Bill Murray reprising his role from Groundhog Day in this Jeep ad. Funny that he spent so many years refusing to reprise his Ghostbusters role and now he’s even doing an ad like this.

Mountain Dew – The Shining
Redoing scenes from The Shining has always been a popular thing to do, and this Mountain Dew does it quite well. Well, how would it not be good if it has Bryan Cranston in it?

Avocados from Mexico – Molly Ringwald
This one’s a bit different and although it’s not specifically retro related it does contain Molly Ringwald who is a bit of an 80s icon so it’s worthy of its addition to this list.

Walmart – Famous Visitors
Walmart really pushed the boat out on this one. It contains the real Flash Gordon, R2 and 3PO, Groot, and Space Lego man amongst several others. But the appearance that got most people excited was Bill from Bill & Ted arriving in the phone booth. Most triumphant.

Cheetos – You Can’t Touch This
But the ad that I thought was genius, was Cheetos. Much like Wotsits here in the UK, Cheetos leave your fingers bright orange and unable to touch anything without making a mess. Brilliant use of MC Hammer.

If you spotted any other retro related ads then please add them in the comments below as I’d love to see them.