BMXs are very, very cool. Everything about them is cool. I absolutely loved my BMX back in the 80s. I never raced it properly though, and I never learnt any proper freestyle tricks. But I just loved riding round the neighbourhood on it. Freewheeling down steep slopes, jumping over pavement tree roots. riding away from barking dogs. I was in bike heaven. Total freedom via a BMX. You can’t beat it.

You can imagine how excited I was then, when Raleigh got in touch and let me test out their newly released Raleigh Super Tuff Burner. I was extremely grateful and was counting the days until it arrived. The bike looked incredible online and I can confirm that it looks even better in the flesh. It’s the genuine article, true to its heritage and looks 100% like an authentic 80s BMX, as it essentially is.

I took it for a spin in our local park and even managed to get a skatepark all to myself. Totally took me back to my youth and I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day. I know some people who think that a 40-something man has no place on a BMX. Total nonsense I say. There shouldn’t be any age limit on anything and I’m not having anyone deprive me from enjoying bike heaven :-)

Check out some photos below of this thing of beauty.