Re-live the best moments (or wince at the memories) of your childhood. From 80s fashion to retro game consoles and the latest musical revival (and a zig-a-zig-ah), research by Raleigh reveals the most popular comebacks in 2019.

“2019 has reached the peak of nostalgic revival with search volume for items from the 80s and 90s at a high,” said Tabitha Morrell, Brand Manager.

“80s themed shows like Stranger Things have topped the results (+398% increase in the last 12 months), followed by music legends, Metallic (+82%) and trendsetting bands like the Spice Girls (+23%) who made a comeback earlier this year.”

To celebrate the revival, 35 years later after the initial release, Raleigh has brought back the 80s iconic BMX, the Super Tuff Burner. The bike has been re-imagined to live in all its glory for Millenials alike to enjoy in 2019.

“The Burner was one of the most sought after BMX’s for children of the 1980s and 35 years later, the popularity has continued to grow. From the research, we found that search for BMX bikes has grown by 49% in the last 12 months, averaging at around 90,500 searches a month.

“For those who enjoyed the Burner in its prime, we want to give adults and their own kids a chance to ride it today and share the experience together as a family.” said Tabitha.

True to its original model, the Burner has been remade featuring a unique gold super chrome finish and black skyway mag wheels, remaining one of the most recognisable BMX bikes around.

“It’s the popularity of shows like Stranger Things in our current economic revival where people are looking back on what they loved the most as kids, and want to encourage the generation of today to share the same experience they enjoyed in their youth.

“What’s interesting is it’s clear that once our nostalgic favourites become available again, people jump at the chance to either buy, view, and experience these items to relive the best of their younger years, today.” said Tabitha.

Raleigh bikes and in particular the Burner is popular with our favourite celebs including Top Gear’s Paddy McGuiness, Romesh Ranganathan, Chris Harris, and Keith Lemon.

But, a bit like our treasured childhood memories, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

“Over the years we’ve released the Aero Pro Burner, and the Team Aero Pro Burner and they’ve been incredibly popular – the Aero Pro sold out in 32 minutes last year!

“The Super Tuff Burner completes the trilogy of our limited edition classic bike range, and once they’ve sold out, we aren’t making anymore,” said Tabitha.

The Super Tuff Burner is available on general sale now for £600. Customers are limited to one bike per order. Available for home delivery in the UK and Ireland.

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