Na-na-na-na-na-na-na, that iconic theme song is enough to get any fan of classic TV switched on – while it wasn’t the first appearance of the Caped Crusader on the small screen, it’s hard to argue that there was any appearance more iconic than Adam West and Burt Ward’s run. Even though the series ended way back in 1968, the legacy endures in countless bits of pop culture and merchandise with a few particularly fantastic examples out there – like the ones in our list here!

Return of the Caped Crusaders animated film
Despite the series ending in 1968, the love of fans for the campy action and a lighter take on what was now DC’s darkest hero was so strong that in 2016 an animated sequel to the TV show was released nearly 50 years after the show’s run ended. Starring the voices of Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar all reprising their roles, the film was of course silly, over the top and a ton of fun for everyone who fondly remembered the 1960’s era show. They even brought back some of the less memorable villains like Shame and Louie the Lilac (now THAT is a deep cut call-back).

I’m becoming more and more a fan of pinball. And, unlike retro arcade machines, which I have always loved, pinballs are still getting made. Stern recently made a fantastic Batman ’66 pinball machine and it is gorgeous. It has voice recordings from Adam West and Burt Ward and also actual footage from the show itself. I would love to have this in my house. Check out the video below.

Slot Games
As part of Warner Brothers licensing deals, there are a number of slot games modelled on the ’60s era Batman with variations on the theme depending on which villain Batman and Robin are fending off: the Riddler, Joker, Mr. Freeze and Catwoman. There are games based on modern versions too like the Dark Knight or Justice League which you can check out on sites like

Arkham Knight Costume
The Arkham game series are brilliant ways to feel like you really are Batman but they definitely strike a different tone to the old Adam West show with unrelenting violence, a depressing plot with dark and harrowing themes and a Batman who has to endure a gauntlet in order to succeed and clear the game. Which may be why it’s so funny that in the final game they added extra costumes to select modelled on other eras in the Dark Knight’s past including suits that look more cybernetic or intimidating or, uhhh, Adam West’s Lycra. Yes, while keeping the dark, gritty world of the game, you can play in the brilliant sky blue and grey tights of Adam West (complete with drawn on eyebrows) stretched over the overly muscular frame of the Batman of the game. If you don’t mind the cognitive dissonance, it can be a brilliant experience.

Funko Pops
The bobble-heads of the modern generation, the selection of figures modelled on the ’60s Batman era is one of the most extensive and who doesn’t love having a bobble-head collection? The front-runner here for quality is the Adam West Batman riding in the Batmobile that looks and feels like the iconic hero. Worthy other entries include the Batman and Joker from the infamous “surfing contest” episodes and lesser-known villains like Rama Tut who were deserving of their own figure (as well as the ginger eyebrowed Mr. Freeze).

There are soooo many other great Batman toys and merch. The 60s Batman is an icon of pop culture and it is not going to go away anytime soon. POW! THWACK!