I’m sure many of us have extremely fond memories of visiting our old video store. The excitement of not knowing what to rent. Browsing the aisles looking for some great box art. Reading the blurb to see what the hell a film was about. I’m pretty sure our local one was called Flicks or Flix, before it ended up becoming a chain (Blockbuster I think). I’ve got lots of happy memories driving down there with the family to pick up a VHS or two.

As I make videos as a big chunk of my professional job, I’m always supportive of any up and coming short film directors who are trying to make their mark on the film world. So I’m very happy to share this new offering from the Welsh director/writer Kyran Davies, where he explores the events within a video shop in 90s Wales. It’s beautifully shot and much higher quality than a lot of short films like this that I see. Please check out the video below to show support for Kyran.

The Video Shop – latest short film from Director & Writer, Kyran Davies…

Shot on location in Port Talbot, South Wales, UK.
Cast and Crew from Bristol, South West England & Cardiff, South Wales.

Why the film was made
The Video Shop is a short film from new director Kyran Davies. The film’s focus is to preserve the memory of video rental stores all around the world for the 80s, 90s kids and anyone else who has fond memories of their local video shop.

The video shop can be a magical place. what’s inside has the ability to make you burst out laughing, cry with sadness, scream with fear and occasionally jump for joy. Rex knows this all too well, though for him its not always the videos that make him feel this way. the customers sometimes like to lend a hand too.

Quote from Director & Writer
“I wanted to create The Video Shop to fill the audience with a strong sense of nostalgia for their own local video shop of the 90s but I couldn’t create a film that just focused entirely on throwbacks. The story focuses on Rex who is unhappy in his customer service job at VideoWorld. I wanted to create a character that I feel the majority of people that have worked in retail or customer service can relate to. Then around that character I had to create a situation that is relatable and simple to almost everyone. Having a bad day at work.” – Writer & Director, Kyran Davies


Writer & Director – Kyran Davies @KyranosaurusRex (Twitter)
Producer – Jacob Rigby @jacob.a.rigby (Instagram)
Director of Photography – Jonathan Mclaughlin @JonCameraOp (Twitter) 1st AC – Laura Cornell @ihatenemo (twitter)
Gaffer – Dave Bridle 
1st Assistant Director – Gracie Lemasurier @gracielemasurier (instagram) Sound Recording & Mixing – Adam Chestnutt @adamchestnutt (instagram) Make up Artist – Laura Waters @laaaurawaaaters (instagram)
Sound Design – Jason Pinches @jason_pinches (instagram)
Colourist – Ben Mudge 
Editor – Scott Quinn 
VFX – Tony Rowlands @TonyRowlandsGFX (Twitter)
Original Score – Josef Prygodzicz @J_P_Music (Twitter)


Robin Willingham @robinwillingham (Twitter) Jamie McKee @jimbobmcgint (Instagram) Ellen Thomas @ellenjnelle (Instagram)
Lily Lesser @lily@orly (Instagram) Matthew Doman @mattt_doman (twitter) Leon Welchman N/A
Chris Morgan 

Bands and Songs

The Vega Bodegas – Rupert Are You Ready? Bankrupt Pug – Gloomy Welsh Monument New Cowboy Builders – Top Jokes Only A Receptionist Would Get Aeddan – Sofia Can’t Walk