My review of 7 Star Wars movie reviews in 7 days continues. This one really is the best of the prequels by quite a long way. The storyline is better, the acting is better, the CGI is better. And obviously because it is the one that is right before A New Hope there is a lot of lead up to that which is always going to be good.

Again the weak point of this film is the Anakin v Padme storyline. Not as bad as in Episode 2 though, but there are still some very bad lines, some bad acting and just some weak plot points such as how Padme dies. But I enjoyed the reasoning behind Anakin’s turn to the dark side, trying to find a way to save Padme from dying in childbirth, and also I liked how Padme is initially blind to Anakin’s allegiances but then understands the truth and works out which side is the right side and actually moves away from him towards the end. That was refreshing to see at last, after her ridiculously falling in love with him in Episode 2.

Obi-Wan really does become the hero of the prequels in this film in particular. His character is pretty great actually, humble yet very skilful and he always has a little jaunty step in his movements and a wry witty comment to say which Ewan McGregor delivers perfectly. It’s just a shame he is so easily disposed of in the Dooku fight scene.

It’s great that Ian McDiarmid was young enough during ROTJ that he could then play Palpatine during the prequels. He’s so good in that role and his age seems to have worked out perfectly, not just in the same way that the characters in The Force Awakens can be portrayed by the same actors from the original trilogy, because McDiarmid obviously played much older in ROTJ and then was able to play his real age in the prequels. That was a stroke of good fortune as he really brings this film to life.

I’ve found the prequels slightly confusing in terms of all the politics and power movement that happens, but it does all start to become clear in this film as the pieces all get moved to their final positions in the second half of the movie.

In summary, the prequels are frustrating because:
– They are too complicated
– There are no main heroes to root for (apart from Obi-Wan increasingly towards the end)
– The acting is really bad in places

They are actually not bad films though if you can forgive some weaknesses. But that’s the thing, they are all let down by too many weaknesses. The main ones in my mind are…

– Phantom Menace – too much politics
– Attack of the Clones – Anakin badly written and acted
– Revenge of the Sith – Padme’s role being very weak

But surprisingly I’ve actually thoroughly enjoyed the rewatching of the prequels, much more than I thought I would. And I’m very intrigued now to see how I will find watching the original trilogy again right after watching the prequels.

• Awesome first 20 minutes
• Hayden Christensen’s haircut and general look is a lot better in this film
• Obi-Wan and Anakin’s duo banter
• Obi-Wan’s hair and beard styling
• Ewan McGregor’s performance
• Christopher Lee somersaulting and fighting
• The CGI is greatly improved in this film
• Some of Hayden Christensen’s acting is a bit better in this movie. If only he had been given a better script/directing in the first movie
• I love the scenes between Palpatine and Anakin and I love how Palpatine drip feeds the dark side to Anakin
• Great to see the planet of Kashyyk and all the Wookies
• Seeing Obi-Wan being badass fighting Grievous on Utapau
• Anakin’s turn, right after he kills Mace and commits himself to Palpatine is a bit too quick and easy but I do love the transformation of Palpatine into the Emperor and how the whole senate/Republic/separatists/Empire political stuff all falls into place
• Order 66 is done very well I thought and I found it pretty moving
• I like how we see the interior of the blockade runner looking like it does in A New Hope. It’s good to see them trying to weave in the transition from Ep 3 to Ep 4
• Great how, after Anakin is called Darth Vader, the score keeps hinting at the Imperial March whenever we see him
• I loved the fights between Obi-Wan and Anakin and particularly the one between Yoda and the Emperor
• Pretty awesome moment when Vader’s helmet is placed on his head and you hear the iconic breathing for this first time
• Nice touch having the Death Star starting to be built and the little cameo from a younger Grand Moff Tarkin

• I like the concept of General Grievous but I just think he comes across as cartoony and almost laughable in places. And the cough is never explained which is confusing
• R2-D2 not being able to mute his loudspeaker
• R2 being a Swiss army droid again
• How easily Obi-Wan is disposed of by Dooku
• Any scene with Anakin and Padme
• Anakin and Padme’s conversations still sound like they were written by a 12 yr old
• Some of Yoda’s advice and the Jedi philosophies in general just seem a bit narrow minded to be honest
• Padme basically spends the whole movie sitting in a room or looking out of a window. Such a waste of a character that was so strong in the first two movies
• It’s a bit of a joke how Padme dies. Losing the will to live. Dying of a broken heart.


1. Ep 3: Revenge of the Sith
2. Ep 2: Attack of the Clones
3. Ep 1: The Phantom Menace