For a long time, online slots have dominated most online casinos. Book of Dead, Big Bass Bonanza, Sugar Rush. These are just some of the all-time classics.

However, the grip that slots have had on the online casino crown is slowly starting to slip. The reason for this is because of fish shooting games.

The Exciting Rise of Fish Shooting Games
Fish shooting games are simple. You take control of a canon, shoot different fish, and collect rewards. The gameplay is arcade-style and based on skill instead of luck. This is what makes fish shooting games very unique.

  • Fish shooting games first became popular in China’s arcades back in 2005
  • In the following years, they started to gain attention throughout Europe and other parts of the world, becoming major hits in both land-based arcades and casinos
  • The next phase was for fish shooting games to transition to the internet, where they have since risen to the top of online casino and social casino game libraries

In 2024, almost all major online casino platforms offer fish shooting games to play, including and WOW Vegas. Here, fish shooting games are enjoyed by thousands of people every day — and you can play them, too.

Where to Play Fish Shooting Games Online
If you want to play fish shooting games online, it’s easy. Visit a social casino site or app from, create an account, and you’re ready to go. Once your account is fired up, you can then play for free or play for real prizes, like gift cards and merchandise. If you decide to play fish shooting games for free, use GOLD COINS. Alternatively, make a deposit and get some SWEEPS COINS if you prefer to play for different prizes.

Why Fish Shooting Games Have Become So Popular
Online casinos are booming.

By the year 2029, it’s expected that the number of worldwide players will reach 129.5 million (Statista), with many of these players signing up exclusively for the fish games.

But why exactly have fish shooting games become so popular recently? It’s a great question — and one that’s easy to answer.

Here are just some of the exciting reasons why fish shooting games have become a global hit:

  • The gameplay is based on skill
  • You get a retro-style arcade experience
  • There’s the opportunity to win big prizes
  • Multiplayer mode (where you play with other people) is available
  • Fish shooting games are available on all devices, including mobile, MacBook, and Windows

Remember, most online casino games are entirely based on luck. This means that the games, such as slots and roulette, can get a little boring and repetitive. However, fish shooting games never get boring thanks to the skill-based gameplay, non-stop action, and the opportunity to go up against other players. Essentially, they’re a #ThrowBack type of game that takes you back to the ‘90s where you would play inside arcades with your friends. So, if this is the type of experience you’ve been missing in gaming, then fish shooting games should be at the top of your “to-play” list this year.