Gaming is a great hobby for the simple reason that it can appeal to pretty much anyone. It’s incredibly fun when you play with other people, whether you’re a Co-op gamer or you prefer PvP, but it can also be great to play single-player games and really immerse yourself in the world and gameplay.

But sometimes you can find yourself stuck. You might find that your love of playing alone has waned a bit. This isn’t the end of the world, and it might just mean that you need a change of pace before you can get back into it.

If you’re struggling with this, there are some ways to restore your love of solo gaming, so you don’t need to rely on other people for your gaming fix.

Go Back to Basics
Sometimes the best answer is to get rid of all the added extras and go back to basics. Solo gaming is great because it lets you control the game and have fun at your own pace. It can also be so much more relaxing as you don’t have to worry about other players, whether they’re on your team or not.

So it can be beneficial to go right back to basics. Play games you loved as a kid. Try online games that are free to play and can comfortably burn a few hours. Or even go right back to basics and play a few quick games of solitaire.

This can be really refreshing and relaxing. Even better, some of these games are designed to be played in just a few minutes. This allows you to get a game in during the day, relax your mind a bit, and then get back to your normal routine.

Try Modding
Or you could go the opposite route and try to make your single-player games more complicated. Sometimes the issue is that you get bored doing the same things, but you still want to scratch that single-player itch in a certain game. Another potential problem is that you love a game, but it has a few issues or even bugs that make it frustrating to play.

This is where game mods can be a lifesaver. Mods (or modifications) are a wonderful way to change up a game or even make an older game more playable. There are so many different types of mods that you can explore, and modern mods are relatively easy to add to games.

Some mods are designed to make a game less frustrating to play. These are known as “quality of life” mods, “bug fixing” mods, or sometimes UI mods that change how a game looks. Other mods change the graphics or soundtrack to create a different, more enjoyable experience.

Then you come to mods that change the gameplay, add different features, or even completely convert a game. You can even get mods that allow you to play a completely different game on top of the original game. In short, you can have a lot of fun with mods, as long as you do your research and make sure you know what you’re doing.

Modding can break your game or save files, so always mod with caution. Most games can be reloaded and restored, which can at least save you some heartbreak if something goes very wrong. Newer games are often designed with modding in mind, which makes them easier to mod and play around with, especially if you use a system like Steam that integrates mods.

Explore Indie Games
Finally, another way to fall back in love with single player games is to explore what indie games have to offer. AAA games, which are the big games that cost way too much money and are generally released by massive game studios are polished behemoths. But they’re often designed to make money.

Indie games are usually designed by gamers for gamers. They usually involve a small team or even just one person who has a unique idea that they want to explore. They aren’t aiming to make as many sales as possible or reach a huge audience, they’re just trying to make a specific dream come true.

Funnily enough, this strategy works. Gamers love indie games for this exact reason. They might not be as big or as polished, they might not appeal to everyone, but they do what they do incredibly well. Indie games are full of character and bring a different flavor to the gaming world.