The past decade has seen a huge number of video game studios go down the road of remakes, remasters and sequels of classic franchises, and many have been hugely successful as nostalgia hits hard for many gamers looking to recapture that excitement felt when playing games of the past. Some platforms are better equipped for this, particularly for themed games like at Cloudbet – who not only offer exciting game based theme titles but are also fast advancing with the latest payment resources like Binance and other altcoins. This approach is likely to continue and push into the rest of the gaming market – with these gaming resources all but set to also host these innovative resources in the near future, which is fast accelerating the future for the gaming market.

We’ll take a look at some of the best remakes to come from games released in the 90s, and exactly what they’ve done to bring some of this nostalgia back with a fresh coat of paint.

Final Fantasy 7
As not only one of the most popular RPG games ever released, one of the most popular games for the PS1 and of the 90s, and one of the most popular Final Fantasy titles at that, it comes as no surprise that the 2020 version of Final Fantasy is often at the top of these lists. With a few more installments still to come in the remake too, many fans are excited to see their favorite video game characters of all time back on the screen.

Whilst some weren’t the happiest with the changed direction the sequels took the game, one thing that was agreed upon throughout is how visually impressive this version is, and with the game sticking around for a few more years it will become even more impressive to see just how far the game engine can be pushed for visuals, and just how great the game will look in the future.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater
It would be hard to find a gamer back in the 90s that hadn’t sunk some hours into the THPS franchise. The music in these games has become iconic and it put skateboarding games on the map, as well as skateboarding in general for many too.

The remaster in the early 2020s was received extremely well. For many it was a huge nostalgia hit with a fresh coat of paint but with many of the same game features that made the originals so great. For others it was a return of skating games that had since faded away since the late 90s and early noughties. Ported over to the PS5, it quickly became one of the highest rated games on the system and still remains that way today.

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
This 1998 game was a genre defining game for the PS1. Action-adventure stealth. Sneaking around without getting caught, but then followed by frenzied action when required. And all the memes of “Snaaaake!”. It was no surprise then when this giant of a game got a remake facelift in 2004 for the GameCube. Improved graphics and cut scenes, new gameplay and re-recorded voiceover actors. It all contributed to enhancing the original classic and bringing it to a whole new office.

The Pokémon Franchise
With new releases every couple of years, this franchise continues to be at the top of the handheld gaming market and a sure-fire way to get some sales. Whilst some of the recent games have received some poor feedback, particularly as the game is aiming to head into a more open-world style, some of the remakes have been received extremely well. The Fire Red and Leaf Green remakes of the original Red and Blue years ago was a great continuation on the originals, and modern remakes for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have been just as exciting for players too.

It certainly helps that new shows reignite this excitement too, the recently released series of Pokémon Concierge has put a new spin on the Pokémon world with a more relaxed atmosphere, but for many fans brings back the excitement to play the games once again.

This all just goes to show that classic franchises from the 90s are alive and well, and long may they continue.