World of Warcraft is one of those types of MMO RPGs where the developers have put in so many mechanics, content and updates that it will be difficult for new players to absorb all the information from scratch.

Starting from the beginning and learning through experience is a viable route, but WoW has been around for more than 10 years and many thousands of players have already gone through the process, who made the same mistakes and learned how to level, PVP and farm. Therefore, reading the right websites can help you get comfortable in the World of Warcraft correctly and quickly, without unnecessary actions.

Here are some sites and services that will help newcomers to World of Warcraft:

  • Skycoach
  • Wowhead
  • WoW Wiki

Skycoach is a site closely related to all competitive and mining content. Beginners and experienced players can buy in-game gold in any quantity, receive coaching and boosting services, and carry raids.

Buying gold
To fully play and develop your character, regardless of the chosen class, you need a lot of game gold. You can farm it or buy it. Skycoach can supply World of Warcraft game gold in any quantity, with a guarantee of anonymity and disguise of the transaction as a regular trade between players. This is done to ensure the security of the client and his account from attention from the administration.

The ability to get your character pumped without hours of tedious farming. A professional Skycoach player will take control of your account and develop your character within prearranged hours. The contractor uses VPN, and the service guarantees the safety of personal data. After completing the service, it is recommended to change the password.

The opportunity to get a full training on the game on the selected character from a professional Skycoach player. The service will help the beginner to correctly begin to understand the new world of Azeroth. The trainer will teach you the basic mechanics, leveling and selection of talents, farming skills and basic PVP.

Raid carry
To get the best epic and legendary equipment, weapons and jewellery, you need to go through difficult mythical raids. Such a raid requires a large, strong and well-coordinated group that will go through the dungeon and share the reward among themselves.

You can order the service of guaranteed completion of the raid as part of a group of professional Skycoach players. Players will go through the dungeon, where all the drop and experience from the boss will go to the client.

Reading guides and useful materials is the key to a successful game. You can study materials and guides written by other players who have traveled the path on the character and correctly presented the information for other players.

Choose your game attribute – strength, dexterity or intelligence.

  • Strength – Wars, tanks
  • Dexterity – Archers, hunters, daggers.
  • Intelligence – Mages, healers.

Guides will help you decide on your personal preferences for the desired class.

Players who prefer to deal high damage should look towards warriors, archers, mages, and daggers.

Anyone who is ready to take damage and protect allies, or be a countermeasure against physical damage, needs to choose a tank.

Those who like to stand in the second echelon, helping the main allies with health and buffs, need to choose a healer, or an enchantment master.

Anyone that likes to play alone and rely only on themself, the class of the master of beasts and the warlock will do.

Guides will help you understand the basic principles of farming, adapted to a specific class.

Warrior, mage and archer can hunt a group of monsters at once, which greatly speeds up their farming, but requires caution, speed and support of basic resources.

The Warlock is upgraded in a similar way and is enhanced by each negative effect applied to the monster. Thus, the more targets, the more damage each enemy receives – this makes the class effective in any combat conditions, even against monsters, even against other players.

Read about the system of professions and its possibilities.

This will help you master one of the most profitable pieces of content for earning gold and gaining popularity on the game server.

Study the features of each profession, the types of items that can be produced, their cost and complexity in production – this will help you make a choice.

A large database of useful information regarding World of Warcraft, available to players using a distribution model similar to Wikipedia.

Read about NPCs, items, armor and weapons, materials from the world of Azeroth to know the exact characteristics, location, history of appearance and actual uses.

Read about the items needed for crafting – in the Dragonflight update, the developers have added the ability for players who are not related to professions to independently create their own equipment, weapons and jewellery with the hands of artisans – through the crafting table.

You will need an inscription, or a recipe and materials in the right amount – of course, in the conditions you can offer payment to the masters for the item and the use of their materials for work, but not every player will agree to such conditions, so it is better to stock up on materials – you can buy them or earn them.

You can read about each type of resource and the inscription itself inside the WoW Wiki, with a detailed description of each item and the method and complexity of obtaining it.