A strong opinion perhaps, but one that is certainly true for many people. Once again the fashion in many genres is retro style. The same goes for the gaming industry. Despite the ability to create lifelike, overwhelming graphics, developers are creating more and more retro-style games with 8-bit or 16-bit graphics. A few decades ago, these graphics were everything we had.

Many people started to play video and computer games as kids in the middle of the 70s. They have seen how dramatically console games have changed over decades, not to mention other gaming genres such as the best online pokies real money NZ. Yet, they keep being drawn back to the old-school ones. The first thing that comes to mind is nostalgia. But today’s kids often react to them similarly. So, we’ve figured out that it must be something else. What is it? Let’s see!

1.     The factor of nostalgia
If you’re a gamer, you always look forward to the next release. Once a new product is released, you don’t hesitate to purchase it and get rid of your current console by sticking it in a drawer.

In this endless process, you inevitably forget about the games you used to play before. But one day, you decide to plug the old thing in and try to play your former favorite game. And you feel extremely happy to hear the chiptune music and see those classic graphics. At the same time, you get a feeling of sadness.

You wonder: “What happened, what’s wrong with me?” The answer is nothing! It’s the phenomenon of nostalgia.

The “new” retro consoles, as well as online pokies in New Zealand, are designed to deliver this unique feeling. Wouldn’t you want a chance to play the games you loved again? That’s what the gaming industry offers to you and other gamers.

That’s right; the gaming industry capitalizes on our emotions. Developers create new games with retro-style graphics. This combination of old graphics and novel features attracts nostalgic gamers.

2.     Make-Do graphic
Right now, developers compete on how to make graphics the most realistic. Back in the 80s, there was no technology that allowed creating lifelike ones.

Graphics are a part and parcel of any game. A few decades ago, developers had no chance to create jaw-dropping graphics. They just did what they could. Developers created pixel-by-pixel an environment filled with fabulous characters like Mario.

But sometimes pixelated graphics are far from overwhelming. So, the future of the retro gaming market is misty. We’ve come to the point where developers might consider transforming PlayStation 2 or N64 graphics in a “new” retro-style game. But we wonder if that will work as well as the older art. Pixel art is simple, but truth be told, it’s crisp and has its style. There is no need for any interlayer between realistic and pixelated graphics.

3.     Chiptune music
More modern games like God of War and Halo have amazing soundtracks. Filled with instrumentals from professional orchestras, they sound almost overwhelming. But there’s just something charming about the music from old-school games.

Developers didn’t have the possibility to add CD quality music into their games in the 70s and 80s. So, they invented their own musical style instead using the hardware they had available. Retro games brought a new genre of music: chiptune.

Classic games get their sounds from a retro console’s sound chip. You may say that the music from retro games is repetitive, but it was catchy and innovative for that time. You can even hear it when playing retro slots at the most trusted online casino NZ.

4.     Time spent together in person is great
Retro console games were not designed for online play like contemporary ones. This was a product of the technology of the time. This effect turns out to be a benefit: in order to play against friends, you need to get together in person. Not only do the short cords on old controllers make you sit in the same room, but also do it very close to each other. Playing retro games was very social.

Eating pizza, drinking cola and playing Bubble Bobble or Warlords with friends is real fun. Gameplay is simple, variability means that everyone stays on their toes, and sitting together around the TV means mutual reactions and excitement.

In a daily real interaction, you are actually socializing. You have a personal, non-virtual experience. Even introverts, when hanging with friends and having a fun time together, enjoy shared food & drinks, and other funny antics!

5.     Retro games are truly challenging
Don’t tell us you coped with all the levels of Super Mario Bros at the first attempt! We know it’s pretty challenging to beat it in one try.

Most likely, it took you hundreds, if not thousands, of times to get through this particular game without cheating. You still recognize its music until this day.

In classic games like Dark Souls, at least, you can save your progress. Some retro games don’t even allow doing so, let alone stopping at checkpoints. It means you should keep playing for a few hours or lose your progress.

New games spoil us. We customize our characters, watch cut scenes and save our progress whenever we want.

But while the new technological advancements can improve your gaming experience, something makes you return to your roots.

Combating a retro game’s challenging, raw levels can make you a better player. Luckily, a good number of modern indie games incorporate some of those retro features too! There is a game out there for everyone, often with an element of retro and an element of modern.