Gaming is soaring in 2022, and will continue to rise with a whole new generation of gamers falling in love with the hobby today – although, some would call it a lifestyle. The gaming industry generated $155 billion in revenue in 2020, and is estimated to increase to more than $260 billion by 2025.

Gaming Memes are everywhere on the internet today, and loved by all gamers out there! From classics like; “do a barrel roll” – an iconic reference made by Peppy Hare in Starfox 64, to taking an arrow in the knee in Skyrim! They’ve all been done before…

So let’s make this interesting!

Below we have the top 10 most hilarious and popular gaming themed private plates memes that every  true gamer will understand, put together by the team at Regtransfers!

Who knew you could get a gaming reference on your car number plate??

These gaming inspired number plates won’t just make you laugh out loud, but give you a sense of nostalgia too.

Let’s never forget the classic games that made the gaming world what it is today!

1. New to FPS Games… results to camping
Nobody admits to being a camper, or they shall be shamed.

2. Watch out Link, those Chickens look angry…
We can agree that all legend of zelda ocarina of time fans out there have at least once in their life stabbed a chicken in the game, and have been chased, attacked and injured by them too!

3. I swear to you it was Lag! IT WAS LAG!!
We all know someone that blames dying on lag.

4. Of Course Nazeem Went to the Cloud District
All Skyrim fans have tried so many different and creative ways to kill Nazeem! Some of them are even quite involved and morbidly out there…

5. Surely if the stones said so… it must be true…
We all know someone that has jumped at this point in Elden Ring!

6. The Cutest Pink Boi: Everyone’s go to in Smash Bros
I think everyone loves to play as Kirby in smash bros, not only because he’s cute, but he can be OP too!

7. You Didn’t Know? Yeah, I took an arrow in the knee. I thought I told you!
An iconic phrase that everyone knows, even if they haven’t played Skyrim.

8. WTF BOOYY! You’re not ready…
He might aswell just change his name from Atreus to Boy.

9. Do a Barrel Roll. You’re Doing It Wrong…
One of Peppy’s many inspirational quotes!

Tiger Uppercut!