Not only are sci-fi gadgets some of the coolest technology, but a lot of them are also iconic. Most of them increase the popularity around the movie in leaps and bounds.

Over the years, there have been a good number of different gadgets from both film and TV shows that have become recognizable. This genre allows the imagination of the authors to run wild. As a result, sci-fi weapons, tools, and devices are loved for themselves by the generations of viewers.

It’s quite difficult to determine which one is better than the other. All gadgets are useful in some way. But there are key factors for determining how cool some of them are. These inventions should stand out in a genre.

1. Star Wars – Lightsabers
Since the debut of Star Wars in 1977’s, the lightsaber has become an iconic weapon. Both Jedi and Sith used this weapon for many generations, long before the Galactic Republic. The lightsaber is powered by a kyber crystal which emits a hilt and typically one energy blade. The lightsabers come in seven colors and each color has its own meaning. They can penetrate through any material and this feature allows using the weapon as a cutting tool. Nowadays, lightsabers are hugely popular, as a movie weapon, as a home prop, as a kids toy. They’re as popular as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, they’re as popular as free online casino games win real money at no deposit Philippines websites, they’re as popular as very popular things in Popularville in the middle of the PopularFest (thanks to Blackadder for the inspiration for that last one).

2. Esper Machine – Blade Runner
This is a voice-activated photo enhancement machine from the movie Blade Runner (1982). Not only is the machine a very useful gadget but also crucial to the movie.

The Esper Machine takes the technology to the next level. Their enhancements leave the current scope of photo editing behind. Let alone the level of magnification on a printed picture of that time!

3.  Mr. Fusion – Back To The Future Part II
One must agree that the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future is one of the most famous inventions in sci-fi movies. Initially, the flux capacitor was one of the most interesting additions to the vehicle. It allowed the heroes to do nothing but travel through time. However, in Part II, a new gadget was introduced. The flux capacitor no longer required plutonium as a power source.

The Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor generated cold fusion from garbage and combusted organic waste. Mr. Fusion would solve the vital tasks of both energy and waste in the real world.

4. What-If Machine – Futurama
Another great example of pop culture Science Fiction, Futurama is about the crew of a galactic delivery service that is working in the year 3000. Prof Hubert J. Farnsworth used this Planet Express crew for his experiments. He invented a good number of weird sci-fi gadgets that included the mentioned What-If Machine. Its main components were a coil, a bowl, a cog, a motherboard and a transistor. The device looked like a TV set and could predict the outcome of any “What if?” phrased question. But it can only do that three times a year. This could be quite fun to use in real life, though it could also be pretty dangerous under certain circumstances.

5.  The Tricorders – Star Trek
There were a number of high-tech gadgets and inventions introduced in the iconic Star Trek franchise. Some of them have led to real-world inspiration. These gadgets include but aren’t limited to the diagnostic devices called the tricorders. There were both engineering and medical options along with standard-issue scanning devices.

The engineering tricorder was used for scanning environments and equipment for recording and analyzing data. The medical one was capable of scanning bio physiology and providing diagnoses and data right away. Tricorders would revolutionize the medical industry, not to mention engineering and mechanical trades.

6.  Grappling Hook – Batman Begins
Truth be told, all of the Batman’s tools are pretty cool. However, the bat-shaped grappling hook is hugely iconic. It helped Batman & Robin get out of many risky situations. Batman is very ingenious when it comes to making his own tools. He seems to be able to make multiple weapons, gadgets and computer devices. I’m sure he could even build his own arcade machine if he put his mind to it!

The simplicity sets Batman’s grappling hook apart from other gadgets we can see in many other sci-fi movies. The idea is simple, but the function is a straight-forward one. This makes it an ideal tool for Bruce Wayne as a mere mortal, while also emphasizing Batman’s mysteriousness to the citizens of Gotham.

7.  The Hoverboard – Back to the Future Part II
Back to the Future is the gold standard of sci-fi movies. Not many films can beat it in terms of popularity and the number of crazy inventions. We’ve already had another BTTF entry in this list above. In the timeline of 2015, hover technology is available and used for powering recreational devices. While fleeing, Marty McFly grabbed a child’s hoverboard. This pink Mattel hoverboard which featured a handy foot strap is iconic now and actually available to buy as a replica.

It required momentum and a solid surface to operate like a skateboard. When over water, a child’s version gradually stopped moving. Griff, however, had a faster Pit Bull model that was powerful enough to move over water and haul additional hoverboards.

8.  The Neuralyzer – Men In Black
The memory erasing Neuralyzer is a silver cylinder used by MiB agents. The gadget erases the memories of those who were the witness of alien activity. The device would release a rapid flash that has an impact on anyone who looks straight at it.

The lost memories were replaced with the cover stories told by the agents later on. The effect of the device was quick and powerful but there was a way to avoid the memory loss. During the flash, agents had to wear sunglasses. It’s a pretty cool little device in terms of its size and construction, but also very powerful and probably dangerous if fallen into the wrong hands.

9.  Proton Pack – Ghostbusters
“Don’t let cross the streams!” You surely recognized this statement. It is the best proof of how popular Ghostbusters is. Proton Packs are a hugely iconic part of the Ghostbusters lore. Basically they are nuclear powered reactors strapped to each Ghostbuster’s back. Although the film might not be normally classified as sci-fi, these devices are evidence of the real science behind this fiction.

10.  The Sonic Screwdriver – Doctor Who
Now it’s time for the legendary sci-fi series Doctor Who. One of the staples there is the sonic screwdriver. Originating from the Gallifrey planet, it used an alien technology to help the Doctor in any way it could. The ways ranged from unlocking a door to revealing hidden information. It was a catch-all tool that would be incredibly useful in real life.

One of the most respected thing about this gadget is that it puts peace first. Each time the Doctor is in danger, he/she always uses the sonic screwdriver to fix things, but not as a weapon.