Learning how to play a musical instrument can be incredibly rewarding. Even ignoring how fun it can be to practice something like the drums or the guitar for hours, knowing how to play instruments can open doors for other opportunities. Whether it is access to scholarships, exciting career paths, or the range of health benefits that come from knowing how to play an instrument, learning this musical skill change your life for the better. 

However, the process of learning to play an instrument isn’t always the most exciting, especially if you’re a beginner. Self-taught musicians will tell you it took hours of practice and dedication to reach a stage where they felt they could play a tune easily. 

If you’re trying to learn the drums, and looking for motivation, we have just the thing: video games! There is a range of video games out there that revolve around teaching musical instruments. Here are just three fantastic games for learning how to play musical instruments. 

1. Rock Band
Few games let you play more than one type of instrument like Rock Band.

Most games just incorporate microphones for singing or have players use guitar-like controllers to pretend to play guitar. It’s a limited option for people who aren’t looking to become singers or guitarists. 

In Rock Band, you have a chance to learn about more than just one instrument. You can use instruments that mimic the best drum set brands and learn how to play actual drums! In addition to that, you can also learn keyboards, the guitar, and vocals in Rock Band. This gaming series has many entries for sale and is available on a wide range of platforms. 

The benefits aren’t just a fun learning experience, either. There is fascinating research that suggests video games can help with rhythmic performance and make it easier to learn how to play instruments in real life. 

2. Drum Box
This game is a drum-centric video game for the Nintendo Switch, but instead of using a literal drum set, this game uses the traditional Switch control setup. 

It isn’t quite as handy for teaching players how to use an actual drum set, but it is not without its merits. The controls can be handy for players wanting to improve their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

3. Patapon
This fantasy-strategy game revolves around the player taking command of a small community of creatures known as “Patapons.” The player is a deity who gives commands to the creatures through the usage of in-universe drums keyed to specific buttons on the game console’s controller. 

This inventive game meshes rhyme mechanics, strategic thinking, and fantasy conventions. It gives players a reason to play beyond learning how to play their favorite songs on a drumset. This unusual setup can also interest players in fantasy and the arts!

Honorary mention – Donkey Konga
Or if you’re not quite as serious about learning the actual instruments of the drums but still want to hit something while playing a video game, there is always Donkey Konga and its bongo controllers!

There are many exciting video games if you want to learn the drums. Music video games are not only fun but show that you can at least begin the process even if you haven’t saved up yet to purchase an actual set. Happy drumming!