Gaming has come a long way since the release of the first few arcade games way back when. The advancements have been welcome for a lot of gamers, and the innovations have certainly made things interesting. However, in recent years certain trends have begun to make a comeback, and they have made gamers more nostalgic. This is why retro games have seen a resurgence as of late, so if you want to know what the most popular retro games are and where you can find them keep reading.

Ping Pong
Ping Pong was developed as an updated version of Pong, which was first released in the early seventies by Atari. Pong was actually one of the first video games to become a huge commercial success. The updated version does have more modern graphics and puts a new twist on the old classic, which does mean that it is not exactly the same as Pong, but it is a great option for those looking for something reminiscent of the original but for today’s audience.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a classic game, first released in the early nineties for the Sega Mega Drive. For all the Sonic fans out there, you can now play it on your smartphone. Sega makes Sonic, and they have a number of Sonic games on the app store to choose from, including Sonic the Hedgehog Classic or Sonic Battle or the endless running Sonic Dash. They are all free to download, but they do have ads and in-app purchases.  

Crazy Taxi
Another offering from Sega is Crazy Taxi, which first graced arcades in the late nineties, and this iconic game paved the way for several other driving games like Grand Theft Auto or the Simpsons Road Rage. Although today’s smartphone version really catapults you back to the nineties with its graphics, there are a few different gameplay options to choose from too. It is free to download, but there are ads and in-app purchases. 

Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia was originally released in the late eighties, and it was really cutting edge at the time, the graphics were more advanced, and the premise was a lot more exciting and involved more of a storytelling aspect than the games that had come before. Ubisoft have rereleased a smartphone version with improved graphics, which definitely updates the game and retains the original’s feel.

Pac Man
Pac Man is an iconic game that immediately conjures up images of arcades in the summertime. The smartphone version has been developed so that it looks and sounds exactly like the original from the eighties. The aim of the game remains the same, but to keep things interesting, there are new mazes and daily challenges to try. It is also free, but again there are ads and in-app purchases.

Tetris was a first released in the early nineties, and honestly, the concept was incredibly simple. Players simply had to get the shapes to fall in line, the lines were then cleared, and the players earned points. Despite its relatively simple concept, the game proved to be a big hit. Playstudios has released a smartphone version, and it is just as good as the old classic. It is totally free to download, but as is the tradition, there are ads and in-app purchases.

This game is a little older; having first emerged in the arcades back in the late seventies, it is a game that brings back childhood memories for a lot of people. Asteroids, like Tetris, was a deceptively simple concept, and this has translated over into the app version too. Its simplicity is part of its draw. There are a few different versions by a couple of different developers, all of which seem to have ads and in-app purchases too.

Frogger first appeared on the scene in the early eighties. Again, the premise was simple: you had to get the frog across the road, dodging vehicles and other obstacles. Like the others on the list, the simplicity is part of what made it so addictive for the players. Although the smartphone version gives the player a choice between the old graphics and new modern graphics, the game itself remains pretty simple to play.

The developers at Ubisoft first released Rayman in the mid-nineties. Rayman is one of those classic games that holds a lot of nostalgia for those that used to play it. Ubisoft has since developed and released a smartphone version of this game. The premise remains pretty similar to the original, and there are hundreds of levels which promise hours of gameplay. Free to download, but there are ads and in-app purchases to contend with.

Super Mario
Super Mario is another game that started its life in the arcades. Nintendo has revamped the game to make it smartphone compatible. There are a couple of options, including Super Mario run and Mario Kart tour to choose from. The games have hours of gameplay and feature all of your favourite characters. Unfortunately, neither of them feature ads, but they do both have in-app purchases.

Slot machine games have long since been a favourite of casino goers, and now you can play on your smartphone too. This puts the fun and excitement of the casino into the palm of your hand, and you can win money too. However, there are a number of versions to choose from, which can be overwhelming, so check out OnlineBingo for an impartial guide on where to play slots on mobile.

Space Invaders
Space invaders is another throwback from the late seventies, and the mobile game leans into the nostalgia, using seventies-inspired sound effects and graphics. This game, again, is pretty simple, you have to defeat the invading aliens as fast as possible before they reach you, and it is game over. You can also find new updated versions if you want better visuals.

The Secret of Monkey Island
The early nineties saw this point-and-click classics’ first appearance. The players loved this game; it was funny, the plot was imaginative, and it was the first to showcase the audiovisual developments of the time. Monkey Island went on to inspire a number of sequels, and the smartphone version can be seen as just that, you can revisit the old characters and go on new adventures with them.

Mortal Kombat
The mid-nineties saw the first Mortal Kombat video game hit the arcades, and it very quickly became one of the most popular games there. The newest smartphone version is simply a continuation or sequel of the original. As well as a few new elements, you can also revisit all of the old arenas too.

Snake was one of the first games available on mobile phones, and it is arguably one of the all-time favourites too. It might be hard to think of Snake as a retro game, but technically, it is. Smartphones don’t come with games preloaded onto them anymore, but you can still find versions of Snake on the app store.

The Takeaway
Retro games are making a comeback in a big way, there are so many out there, and arguably, your smartphone is your best option to play them. They simply aren’t available on a lot of modern gaming consoles. For the most part, they are all also free to download onto your smartphone, even if you do have to deal with ads.