Truly classic experiences never go out of fashion – and that has certainly been the case in the gaming world through the years. Physical board and card games are still going strong despite the incredible growth of video gaming, while some of the classic characters and titles from the latter have been reinvented time and time again.

We are not short of options when it comes to old-school games, with classic consoles and revamped titles finding a new lease of life. However, could the best place to enjoy retro experiences actually be Facebook?

Retro meets social
Considering its traditional focus on social connections and the sharing of content, some people may not have expected games to become part of Facebook’s world. Yet, the activity has found its feet in the space, with the site hosting all kinds of titles.

It is an interesting space for retro games to be in, particularly as the trend has become so popular with many generations in recent years. Their presence perhaps also makes sense, as many users might find it appealing to get comfortable and experience titles they are already familiar with.

On the flip side, there is also an opportunity for a whole new generation to discover the games and the enjoyment they bring. A survey by ExpressVPN examined Gen Z’s use of social media and it highlighted how they use a range of platforms, including YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. However, while there are many social media platforms vying for their attention, Facebook continues to appeal to that generation as well. The study revealed that 58 per cent of those polled have an account with the website – and all of these people now have access to a range of classic gaming experiences.

Top titles to enjoy
But, when we are talking about classic gaming experiences on Facebook, what do we actually mean? Several old-school titles can be accessed on the site, with the iconic Pac-Man notably featuring on the service.

Towards the end of last year, Meta revealed that Pac-Man Community was launching on Facebook Gaming. It explained how gamers can play solo or multiplayer to complete mazes, while they can also make their own levels with the Maze Creator tool. Another old-school game that can be accessed through Facebook is the card classic Uno. The title originally launched on Facebook Messenger back in 2018.

Finally, there are a host of more traditional games as well. For instance, a quick look at Facebook highlights games based on everything from dominoes to ludo and chess.

The best option?
But, when all of that is considered, is the platform the best place to enjoy a retro gaming experience? Ultimately, it will depend on what you love, as there are many options out there these days. For example, if you are big on classic console games, a new version of an old-school machine might do the trick.

However, if you are a regular Facebook user and want to try some old-school activities, there is no denying that the service could be a great option.