There’s just something about classic casino games that have captured the imaginations of retro movie-goers for decades. Perhaps it’s the suspenseful nature of gambling, maybe it’s simply the nostalgia associated with these timeless classics. Whatever the case, there’s no doubt that casino games add an element of excitement to any movie scene. Here are some examples of casino games making an appearance in retro movies.

Blackjack is actually one of the oldest and most well-known casino games that has been featured in many retro movies over the years. Perhaps its most memorable appearance can be found in the 1973 film “The Sting”, starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, which depicts two successful con artists working together to take down a powerful mob boss by placing bets on blackjack hands.

Perhaps one of the most famous Blackjack appearances is in the 1996 movie, Swingers, where Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau debate the rules about whether or not you should double down on 11.

In Rain Man, Dustin Hoffman’s character famously discovers his ability to count cards, saying “Hit me, Hit me, Hit me” to the dealer before winning big with his brother.

Poker has also had a long history in film, and many classic poker games have made appearances in popular retro movies. Perhaps one of the most iconic examples comes from the fairly recent film “Casino Royale”, a 2006 James Bond film that features several high-stakes poker matches between Bond and Le Chiffre, an infamous gambler and terrorist financier. In the original novel they play Baccarat, but this was changed to the in-fashion Texas Hold ‘Em Poker for the movie.

Another fun example is the 1988 comedy “Cocktail”, which features Tom Cruise as a bartending prodigy who turns to gambling in order to make some quick cash. While the film is set primarily in New York City, there is a memorable scene set in a Bahamian casino where Cruise’s character tries his hand at poker.

Ocean’s Eleven, a movie predominantly set in Vegas, has a famous poker scene at the beginning, where Brad Pitt is teaching some VIP guests some poker lessons, and is gatecrashed by George Clooney.

While roulette is traditionally associated with gambling, it has also been featured as an innocent pastime in many other films. One great example is again in the 1988 “Rain Man”, where Dustin Hoffman’s character visits a Las Vegas casino and plays several games of roulette while his brother Tom Cruise tries to win at the blackjack table. This film gives a great insight into the world of casino gambling and also features one of the most iconic roulette scenes in film history.

Another very famous roulette scene is in the 1942 classic Casablanca, where Humphrey Bogart generously helps a young couple win some money by putting their money on Black 22.

Craps is another classic casino game that has been featured in many popular films over the years. One memorable example can truly be seen in the 1998 film “Rounders”, which follows a professional poker player who gets back into the game after incurring a large debt. In one scene, he visits an underground craps game in order to win enough money to pay off his debt and get back on track.

Another great example comes from the 1991 film “Bugsy“, which tells the true story of Bugsy Siegel, a notorious gangster who helped build the Flamingo hotel and casino in Las Vegas. In one scene, Siegel can be seen rolling the dice at a craps table while his girlfriend looks on. This film provides a great glimpse into the seedy underworld of casino gambling and is sure to be a hit with any fan of classic movies.

Another great example is the James Bond movie “Diamonds are Forever“, which features the British spy outwitting his opponents at Craps. It goes to show that Bond is pretty good at all casino games.

One film I always think of when I think of Craps is the classic musical Guys and Dolls, with the famous Luck Be A Lady Tonight scene. Craps has never been choreographed better!

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