Popular browser games are discussed by everyone. But there are interesting io game facts that go beyond the gameplay. Check out 5 things you might never have heard of.

The genre of io adventures was born in 2015. Simple in nature, and browser-based, it was thought that they would die out quickly. For some reason they can’t compete with high-end AAA headliners. But do they have to do this at all? Many say they are perfect in their own niche, and they attract millions of players.

Take a look at the Mope.io that was acquired by Addicting Games studio. It had over 72 million users back then, and the fan base was only increasing. The exact price of the deal has not been disclosed, but we’re talking about millions of dollars. The genre is definitely not going anywhere. It’ll keep generating great content for fans to enjoy. Here are 5 fun io games facts you may not have heard.

I. Agar.io Was Featured in the “House of Cards” TV Series

The first season of the political drama was released in 2013, and immediately blew away all the ratings. In season 4, the production team included this viral adventure in one of its scenes. The protagonist Frank Underwood had a conversation about video games with another politician, after which they both try and quickly lose rounds in Agar.io on a smartphone.

The massive multiplayer by Matheus Valadares fitted perfectly into the atmosphere of the TV series. As the protagonist notes, the gameplay looks like a presidential campaign. When you launch the title, you’re a small dot. All you do is try to survive in a competitive environment. Bigger cells are happy to devour you to their benefit and grow even larger.

It wasn’t the first time for the Netflix show to feature famous video titles. Season 1 shows Frank playing the shooter Call of Duty, while Season 3 shows an indie puzzle Monument Valley. Why did they add popular video adventures into the series? It’s a subtle tool to underline the mood. They help better illustrate what is happening in Frank’s head.

When Agar.io’s publisher Miniclip received the call, they were delighted to have this opportunity. They were happy to become part of a successful show. As well as to get even more attention to their viral title. They removed Obama skins for a while to make it fit into the TV series’ universe. It was a nice touch and a cool video adventure cameo implementation. Though it only lasted about a minute. Click here to watch it.

II. There Are Over 200 Portals with Hundreds of IO Games

Fans of io games won’t ever feel the shortage of content. With so many titles popping up monthly, the developers keep them busy with cool adventures. The following portals provide users with the best io arenas free of charge:

It’s a popular website initially registered in 2003. Featuring different genres, it offers a lot of free content. The pages are easy to navigate and are aesthetically pleasing to use. The io category hosts some of the hits, including Shell Shockers, Skribbl, and Krunker.

Kevin Games
Created in 2017, this website can boast about the diversity of its categories. It covers over 200 games and offers online entertainment for any age group. From simple adventures for toddlers to more challenging for teens and grown-ups. Web-based and free, everything is available without downloading.

This portal cooperates with big and small developers. It posts viral and already established adventures (Slither, Paper, Hordes). And also fresh indie titles that have the potential to boom the ratings (Rollem, Catac, Mercz).

This portal describes itself as a devoted team trying to create a convenient gaming space. And they manage to deliver this claim. They test and publish cool content every week. Check out their front page if you’re looking for something hooking to enjoy.

III. Slither.io Is Not About a Snake

This legendary hit is a massively multiplayer game that pits users in a huge sandbox environment. With the goal to devour blobs littered around and survive, you control a creature. It may come as a surprise, but it’s not a snake, but a worm. Yes, you’re feeding a worm and doing everything to grow bigger than your opponents.

As you creep around a minimalistic field, you’re not allowed to attack other players. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t still kill them. The larger your worm is, the easier it is to trap them. Create a loop around them with your own body. Make them crash and leave juicy orbs behind.

Why have we all been so convinced the title features snakes? Well, they look and move like serpents. But most importantly, many articles with reviews and YouTubers called them this way. No wonder we followed the trend. But, honestly, does it make any difference? Whatever you name them, it will remain one of the best examples of io adventures.

IV. What is io?

Now, this abbreviation means a whole genre of video games to play with friends. But before the transformation, it was a domain of the British Indian Ocean Territory. When Agar.io boomed the market, the developer chose the name due to several reasons:

  • British Indian Ocean Territory is sparsely populated. This means there are very few websites with such TLD. You get more opportunities to come up with any name. There are more chances it’s not used already
  • For bigger domains like .uk or .au, one needs to provide proof of residency. This is not the problem with smaller TLDs like .io
  • It’s a good way to stand out from ordinary URL addresses
  • The abbreviation can also hide other computer-related terms, such as input/output. It’s a clever way to add ambiguity to the meaning and create some mystery around the adventure

The latter reason is why technology-based companies like to use this domain for their websites. But as io titles became popular, it’s become more related to the gaming industry.

V. Temple Run Was Created by a Couple From Their Bedroom and Took About 5 Months

In 2008, husband and wife Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova created the company Imangi Studios. Small and unknown, it published titles that never made it to the top. Until the family established a huge franchise called Temple Run in 2011.

It’s an endless runner set in the ancient Aztec temple. The character seeks to find a golden idol hidden somewhere out there. Apart from constant obstacles, the journey is filled with dangerous demon monkeys. They chase players and want to tear them apart.

There were similar adventures at that time like Canabalt. But Imangi Studios has improved the gameplay mechanics. Additionally, they used favorable settings that referred to some very famous films such as Indiana Jones.

The small studio was overwhelmed by sudden success. They didn’t expect so many followers to fall in love with the title. About 5 months of work, 2 developers, plus a third-party freelancer for the artwork. The worldwide fame. Cool, right?

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