If you’re a Pokemon fan, you’re probably already thinking about all of the things that you could add to your “Pokemon-themed” collection, and then one day—wham! You find yourself with a pile of Pokemon merchandise without doing anything. But this article will provide you with information on 7 things that every Pokemon lover should have! If you don’t have these items, it’s time to make some room for them, because you’re definitely going to need them. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying these things for yourself or are planning to give them as a gift to some other Pokemon lover, be sure to check out these ideas.

1. Get A Pokemon-themed Deck Of Cards

You probably know someone who collects unique decks of cards—no matter what they’re into. If that person is you and you’re a Pokemon enthusiast, you should definitely get your hands on a deck of Poke-themed playing cards. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite cards while playing your favorite card games with your friends. If you’re considering a card deck for someone’s birthday, you can even get customized card sleeves. If you’re into this idea, you can check them out here, just make sure to make your customized card sleeves Pokemon-themed! You can put different Pokemon on each card if you’d like.

2.  Get A Pokemon-themed Blanket

If you’re a Pokemon lover, we know that you already have a favorite pocket monster. Imagine if you could snuggle up with your favorite Pokemon! You can buy all sorts of blankets with your favorite Pokemon on them. It doesn’t matter if your favorite Pokemon is Pikachu, Charmander, Treecko, or any other pocket monster out there in the vast Pokemon world—you’ll definitely find a blanket with your favorite Pokemon on it. This is a must-have thing because it will fulfill your experience of an afternoon nap.

3. Get Pikachu Stickers 

When you want to add some extra cuteness to your stuff, make sure to use Pikachu stickers! If you already have one, consider using it as a bookmark and keep it inside of your book or just stick it on any flat surface and “Pikachuify” your stuff. If you haven’t got a sticker yet, you should definitely get one—they’re very cheap and can be found in almost any shop that sells stickers or other stationery-like things.

4. Get A Pokeball Case

You should definitely get a Pokeball case for your smartphone! This is an awesome addition to your Pokemon accessories because it will allow you to show off your love for the franchise. These are really easy to find, so you won’t have any trouble tracking them down. It doesn’t matter whether you have an iPhone or Android, there are Pokeball cases for both of them! 

5. Get A Pokemon-themed Pillowcase

You probably spend up to half of your day sleeping, so it’s definitely necessary that you consider buying a Pokemon-themed pillowcase. After all, it will be a match to your blanket! You can choose from a variety of options when it comes to what you want on your pillowcase, so there is no problem with personal preferences here. Pillowcases can be made with your favorite Pokémon with your favorite material, whatever you choose. A pillowcase is also great as a gift for someone special.

6. Get A Pokeball Clock

You might think that a clock is just a plain and ordinary item, but it certainly can be more than that—just like any other Pokeball-themed item you might find! This is the perfect addition to your room. And just like a card deck or a pillowcase, a clock can also be a great gift!

7. Get A Pikachu Onesie

You should definitely get yourself a Pikachu onesie if you still don’t own one yet. This is not just your ordinary piece of clothing—it will truly make you feel like you’re inside the Pokémon world! It’s cute, comfortable and you’ll look really cool wearing it. Imagine snuggling in your Pikachu onesie on a cold winter night—we’re sure that you’ll have the best night’s sleep ever. And if there are more Pikachu fans out there, you can get them onesies as gifts!

Now that you’re aware of these 7 things, you’ll definitely want to level up your current Pokemon collection. Pokemon blanket, pillowcase, stickers, and playing cards, these are things that you need for sure! If you’re a big-time fan of the pocket monsters, you might want to get a Pikachu onesie, and a Pokeball clock as well. If you’re planning to purchase something for someone special, these 7 things can make great gifts too! We hope this article helped you find Pokemon things that your collection was missing.