Pokémon is one of the most widely adored brands in the world. Since its release in 1996, Pokémon has become a staple in pop culture and an international phenomenon. As it continues to grow, many adults are beginning to rekindle their love for these games. It is easy to find bootleg versions of Pokémon games everywhere, but there are still ways to get authentic products that can be played on modern systems.

Why are Pokémon games hard to find?

While avid fans are drawn to the bright colors, cute monsters, and memorable characters, not every gamer knows that the first installments of the Pokémon games have been released on nearly every console since its inception. Pikachu is just as likely to appear on a 16 bit Sega Genesis cartridge as it is on an Xbox One disc. Many gamers want to play these older games, but can’t due to their rarity. And while the games were originally released to huge success, they are no longer manufactured. Pokémon games are notoriously hard to find used. That’s because of their high demand and low supply. There are some websites where you can find some vintage Pokemon Games. They are very rare, and that’s why people appreciate their value.

How can you tell if a Pokémon game is real or not?

While it may seem difficult to spot a bootleg copy from a mile away, there are some ways that you can ensure that you have purchased an authentic product. For one thing, original cartridges will be transparent in parts in order for the chip inside the cartridge to function. Bootlegs often appear completely opaque or have stickers applied over their case, which would prevent them from being read by a console. In addition, many counterfeiters do mimic the official seal of a particular company in order to make their copies seem legitimate. However, real games will never have a seal that says “Official Nintendo Seal,” as all the official seal stickers come from Nintendo directly.

Tips for finding Pokémon games

Here are some tips that will help you acquire Pokémon games more easily than ever before.

1)  Find gamers who love all things Pokémon online on sites like Facebook and Twitter, and join their communities. There are many groups dedicated to all sorts of Pokémon topics on each platform. Some of these gamers may be selling or trading old Pokémon games on those networks. You can even meet up with them in person to buy Pokémon games quickly, but make sure to meet in a safe public place.

2)  Beware of fakes! Many people try to sell counterfeit Pokémon games online, so it’s important that you know what an authentic game looks like before you purchase one. Here are the things to look out for: if someone is selling Pokémon Blue, it should come with 151 Pokémon (not 120-129 as some knockoff copies do), and there’s supposed to be an On/Off switch on the game cartridge — not just two pictures of ‘on’ or ‘off’. If they can’t list these features about their copy of the game, walk away until they find another copy. Additionally, avoid any photos uploaded onto Imgur, as they’ve been known to host images of counterfeit Pokémon games.

3)  If you want to sell or trade-in your old Pokémon games, make sure you keep them in the best condition possible. Clean off any dirt or smudges using a wet wipe and dry it with a hand dryer. Online you can see how they are ranked and what their worth is.

4)  If you’re looking for a new Pokémon game that’s not available on the market anymore, consider checking out a local video game store. There are many of them around these days, and they’re an excellent source to find old games at competitive prices. Plus, you have the opportunity to check out some vintage consoles or handhelds if you’re lucky!

5)  Make sure they’re red! The original Pokémon games were black and white, but the best version to get is a red version. If it’s not red, then you probably have a bootleg copy. Some sealed versions are sold for thousands of dollars due to their rarity.

6)  Don’t forget about the fun of collecting! Even if you don’t play these games anymore, you can still cherish the memories of your childhood with them on display in a frame.

So there you have it. A few helpful tips on where and how to get your hands on some rare Pokémon games. Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, go out into the world and begin your search today!