There are many aspects to being a fan of US Football, one of which is the team jerseys. We have seen some memorable jerseys over the years but what are the best retro US football jerseys?

Retro football jerseys are often referred to as throwback jerseys in the US and the powder blue jerseys of the Los Angeles Chargers are a great example of a top throwback jersey. The Chargers wore this jersey in the 1960s and they won their only championship in 1963 when wearing the powder blue jerseys. A decision was made to switch from the powder blue jerseys to navy and in retrospect, that now seems like a bit of mistake.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers played in a red and orange jersey known as creamsicle. In truth, it is not the most pleasant jersey but what makes it so special is the combination with the helmet. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers helmet featured an image of Bucco Bruce, who was carrying a blade in his teeth. While the jersey does not look great from a distance, when viewing it close-up it looks fine and when combined with the helmet, it goes down in history as one of the best retro US football jerseys.

Sometimes, you do not have to travel back far in time to see a great retro US football jersey and that is certainly the case with the 2006 Indianapolis Colts. They reached their first Super Bowl since Super Bowl V in 1970 and defeated the Chicago Bears 29-17. In addition, fans were treated to the “The Manning Bowl” at the beginning of the season as Peyton Manning faced his brother, Eli Manning. The Colts white road jersey throughout that season complimented the blue helmet nicely. It was designed as a throwback to the 1995 jersey and the triple blue stripes on the sleeve, below the player number only adds to the class that exudes from the Colts retro jersey. With sports betting now legally available in Indiana, there are plenty of licensed apps for betting on the Colts and you can cheer on the team whilst wearing your favorite throwback jersey.

Moving on and we come to another superb retro football jersey as worn by the New England Patriots. The red throwback jerseys are adored by Patriots fans and some of Tom Brady’s best performances for the Patriots came while wearing the throwback design. The red retro jerseys teamed with white pants is a fan favorite and the additional blue and white stripes on the jersey only add to the class of the overall uniform.

In terms of great design, it does not get much better than the Houston Oilers baby blue retro jersey. The baby blue color combined with the white number and red surround was an ideal combination and the red vertical stripes on the sleeve tied in nicely. Many onlookers believe this to be the most well-thought-out color coordination the NFL has ever seen and who are we to disagree?

There are so many cool and striking uniforms in the league and throughout history. The classic aqua/teal of the Dolphins, the silver and black, no-messin’ Raiders uniform, the distinctive Packers’ green and yellow, the classy red and gold of the 49ers. Here’s hoping that NFL uniforms in the future continue to entertain with their colors and combinations, and also throw some more respect to their throwback uniforms of yesteryear.