Since the first Star Wars movie was released decades ago, moviegoers have been fascinated and captivated by the movie franchise. Even though it wasn’t the first sci-fi movie of its kind, Star Wars expanded the awareness of people about intergalactic civilizations and space travel while also keeping them rooted in values that are beneficial to humanity. If there is one prevalent theme throughout the Star Wars series, it might have to be friendship. It is a strong tie that bonds different people, races, and unites everyone towards a common goal. 

Here, the theme of friendship in Star Wars will be explored further and how it has influenced the lives of millions of fans.

Stay Loyal To Your Friends
Throughout its long franchise history, the Star Wars series has shown the strong bond of communities and groups. Whether they are groups of protagonists, antagonists, or supporting characters, we see these people and races cooperating and working together. One of the most obvious group of friends is the Rebel Alliance, fighting together for a common cause. The dynamics of friendships in these movies are fun to watch, and avid fans at have created engaging blogs and content about the series. As the characters and the plots become more diverse, friendship and people standing by each other through thick and thin, failure and success, and sadness and happiness are enduring themes in the series, which is something the fans can appreciate.

You Must Overcome And Resolve Differences
Diversity is another theme that has remained in the Star Wars series. Various races and creatures are shown to interact with each other. In a group of racially diverse friends, there will be times that beliefs, ideas, and perspectives do not align and clash with each other. Arguments, misunderstandings, and conflicts can happen among friends, but fans are often relieved to see their favorite characters being friends again. Han Solo wasn’t almost the most easy going personality to get along with, and several characters are prone to get into bar fights, but the true friends always end up coming together again by the end. The movies show us that we have to look past our differences and open up our hearts and minds, just like the vast expanse of the universe around us. True friends bicker and argue a lot, but they do not break their friendship over such petty matters. Our individuality and diversity make us who we are, and we have to accept that fact in others.

Repay The Kindness Of Others
Friendship is cooperation and a mutual relationship. Friends will watch your back and protect you, and you have to return the favor when the time comes. Han, Leia, Luke and Lando all had their differences in Empire Strikes Back, and the film ends with them separated, but in Return of the Jedi we see them all together again to help save their captured friend. Your friends will come to your aid of their own volition and will not ask that you repay the favor immediately. They would be glad to help a friend in need and will not put any pressure on you to reciprocate soon. Let time pass, and situations will present themselves to give you the chance to repay their kindness. Never forget the kindness of others and strive to be a better person so that you can pay them back someday.

Accept That Friendships Can Change
As mentioned earlier, the dynamics of friendship are explored in the Star Wars series. It’s not just the positive aspects of friendship that are portrayed, but also the negative ones, like friendships that are falling out and letting go of an old friendship. Perhaps Obi Wan and Anakin have the most extreme example of this! There are certain situations in the lives of friends that make them decide that it is in their best interests to part ways. What is important in these situations is to keep your heart and mind open and keep the respect and appreciation you have for your friend. Be thankful for the wonderful memories you have shared with them and wish them the best in the new paths and roles they are taking. Even Darth Vader has his moment of reconciliation at the end.

One fascinating aspect about Star Wars is that many of its situations can teach valuable life lessons to the viewers. Friendship is one such lesson, and there are various things we can learn from the series. Best of all, we can improve our lives from the valuable realizations we develop by being a better person and friend to others.