When assessing modern-day gaming options, things have never been so good. From classic games to new releases, these types of creations can be sampled on a wide variety of different platforms. A hugely popular device for many gamers in 2021 is the smartphone, but why is this the case?

In fact, smartphone gaming is booming. Games like Among Us have recorded massive success of late, with the creation published by American game studio Innersloth reportedly being the most popular game ever in terms of monthly players. In the case of Among Us, and many other mobile games, for that matter, the graphics certainly don’t match up to the sophisticated and more graphically advanced creations available on console devices like the PlayStation 5. However, gamers are still flocking in their millions to download these types of products on their miniature handheld devices.

For some, smartphone gaming will never suffice. For others, the innovation in this space is hard to ignore. The all-around gaming experience on a smartphone is certainly improving on an impressively regular basis. From classic games like Tetris to modern-day augmented reality releases like Pokemon Go, smartphone gaming’s offering has never been so extensive. But with other more powerful gaming devices to access in 2021, why is smartphone gaming so popular? What is the appeal of it?

Casual gaming on the go
Console gaming requires a huge commitment. For the casual gamer, the time and effort required to master a console release are hard to find. As such, smartphone gaming represents a viable alternative. Most of the games can be downloaded within a matter of seconds, and they’re easy to grasp, and can be picked up and put down. Puzzle gamers could try out a new game every day. Feline lovers can access the Cat Queen slot game whenever they fancy throughout the day. Likewise, creations like Genshin Impact are designed to be dipped in and out of as smartphone games generally don’t possess the same amount of detail as a number of console releases. With smartphone gaming reaching wider audiences, the image of a stereotypical gamer has changed with it. It is now common to see the elderly play a variety of brain training releases on mobile, while younger gamers can’t seem to get enough of the aforementioned augmented reality game, Pokemon Go. Nearly everyone has access to a smartphone today also, opening up a wide variety of games to people who perhaps wouldn’t normally turn to the genre otherwise.

Console games now on mobile
Thanks to the advancements made in our smartphone devices, games developers have been able to up the ante and bring us better games than ever before. As a result, it is now common to see a number of console-quality games on mobile. Some creations have made the transition with relative ease too, such as Fortnite, Minecraft and FIFA 2021. These types of games can be elevated further with the help of a variety of smartphone gaming accessories also. For example, gamers can now purchase virtual reality headsets for certain games alongside being able to add joysticks. The types of games are only going to improve further on smartphone as developers continue to break boundaries and release more advanced creations than we have ever known before.

Smartphone gaming is cheaper
Most smartphone games can be downloaded within a matter of seconds from the App Store or Google Play, and they are either completely free or relatively cheap compared to console games. Some smartphone creations include in-app purchases, but they still represent far better value than the hugely expensive consoles and the games which come with them. Console gaming certainly isn’t affordable for all.

All these reasons; ease of access, ubiquity, price and continuing technological advancements, mean that mobile gaming is undoubtedly here to stay.