Cosplaying is an art that many avid fans around the world pursue. It’s a way for individuals to interact and convey their love for a certain character. Photographing this passion needs proper care in order to capture its splendor and make both the photographer and the cosplaying subject enjoy the process. On that note, here are 6 tips you should follow to produce good cosplay photography.

1.   Get Permission
The first thing you need to do before snapping shots of those fabulous costumes is to ask for permission from the cosplayers themselves. It might sound easier to just take photos of them when they’re not paying attention, especially if you’re in a convention like Comic-Con, but the photos you take won’t be as special as you can make them out to be, and it’s obviously also not as polite. Moreover, since you don’t have their consent, it might make things awkward or you might not have the ability to share these pictures elsewhere. The right thing to do here is to ask for permission, you definitely won’t regret it as it will massively add to the beauty of your shots, so don’t be shy.

2.   Interact With Them
Once you’ve followed the previous tip and have acquired your subject, you should interact with them for a little while and discuss the specifics. Try to understand why your subject loves this character and what they want to express through their cosplay. Discuss with them the different scenes they’d like to create or re-create from the book, movie, anime, or manga. Once you’ve communicated with your subject and got a deeper understanding of them, your subject will also be more invested and you’ll be able to take more impactful pictures.

3.   Choose The Right Location
Choosing the right location is paramount to a good cosplay photo as it is a way for you to enhance the character’s story. The professional photographers at say the location and backdrop are essential to get a perfect result when you take your photos. This is why it’s important to remember that each character comes from a different world setting and therefore, each one of them needs a different and special spot to capture its characteristics. You can never be lazy with this step when you’re trying to capture a cosplayer because the whole idea of cosplaying is the grandeur and passion it shows. You can’t just pick a random location, rather you must choose one appropriate to the character portrayed and one that your subject approves of. This will definitely take your shots up a notch.

4.   Create Scenes For The Character
The scenes you create need to compliment the character your subject is cosplaying. A good cosplay photo needs to have harmony between its different elements. Since you’ll already be familiar with your subject by following the earlier tip, you’ll be able to quickly think of a way to connect your subject with the special location you picked. For example, if your subject is cosplaying The Mad Hatter, then maybe create the tea party scene, which is an iconic one in the movie. It might also be a good idea to include props and effects within your scene as it can give your photo an atmospheric feel. It’s a way to enhance the location and scene you’ve chosen

5.   Try Out Different Angles and Poses
As with any other photography session, one cannot only settle with one angle, mode, or model pose. Photography is an art in and of itself and needs dedicated time and effort to capture its subject perfectly. Work with your cosplayer and try different angles and poses to find out which one represents the story you’re trying to convey best. Take as many photos as you want and play with orientations; maybe try a close-up to add a bit of mystery to the picture. You’ll never know which angle and pose suits the character most unless you try.

6.   Pick The Right Lighting
Lighting is essential in any photography session. However, usually, with cosplays, natural lighting can be the most perfect lighting needed to properly capture the scene you’re creating. But, this does not mean that you should forbid yourself from using lighting equipment because, depending on the situation, you might need some inorganic lighting to enhance the photo. For example, if you need to minimize shadow in your scene, then you might need a reflector to fill the light on your subject and make the scene much warmer.

There you have it. A few tips to help you get better results when taking photos of these amazing costumes. It’s always nice to branch out into uncharted territory, so don’t hesitate to try out this fun photography activity.