‘Netflix and chill’ is the favorite dating mantra of many people right now. Rather than making the effort to get all dressed up to go out, some find that a sofa and a big screen TV are much more welcoming. Is it more romantic? Or is comfort with your partner more important? There is an ongoing debate between various generations about whether ‘Netflix and chill’ is better than an actual date at the movie theatre. We are here to discuss why ‘Netflix and chilling’ at home with your love interest might be a way better option than heading to the movies. Granted, this is being written while everyone is stuck at home in lockdown and binge watching our favorite shows, so perhaps we’re slightly biased.

If this is your first date then perhaps Netflix and chilling isn’t the best option as you both might feel awkward going straight to someone’s home on the first date. A neutral venue might be the best option that situation. But for future dates, it’s game on. We agree that it is a matter of personal interest, but we certainly recommend ditching the movie theatre and opting for ‘Netflix and chill’. For one thing, you can save your $30 on tickets, fizzy drinks and often-stale popcorn. Instead, take the experience to your home and thank Netflix (or any other streaming platform of your choice) for streaming the best seasons and movies while enjoying fresh snacks from the comfort of your home.

If you still aren’t convinced about the ‘Netflix and chill’ dating approach, here is a list of the top reasons why ‘Netflix and chill’ might be a better alternative to the traditional date of taking your love interest to the cinema.

Netflix is cheap!
Suppose you are a college student and working shifts. You will want to save on the last dollar possible. If you are old-school guy, you might not want your girlfriend to have to split the bill either. There is no denying that dates can be expensive, especially when you try to impress your love interest. The average trip to the movies will cost nearly $60 for a couple. This alone might make ‘Netflix and chill’ a better option. You can kick back, relax, and enjoy the latest movie releases with your partner. The only cost coming your way is the pretty low monthly cost of the subscription fee.

Wide range of movie choices
At a cinema you’re limited to watching whatever the theatre is showing, and at the time you’re showing it. But at home you can choose from a whole library of shows and movies. In a cinema you have to leave after your film, but at home if you’re both enjoying a show or movie you can stay and binge-watch the rest of the series, which is a great way to bond even more with your partner, developing a shared interest. One small drawback of Netflix could be the abundance of choice, which can be a bit overwhelming. There is the chance that you and your love interest might not choose which movie or television series you want to watch. But even if you spend all night flicking through options, this can be a bonding experience too!

Different ways to watch
There are just more ways to watch at home too. Obviously you can watch on your big TV from your sofa, but you could also watch something on your laptop in the kitchen while you prep your food. Or of course you can also progress your date night to the bedroom and watch in bed too, on whatever screen you might have there. The beauty of streaming platforms like Netflix is that you can even watch on your phone and then cast it onto other devices around the house. We recommend checking out the tvfix caster review and see how it can benefit you. But of course this flexibility of different ways to watch your movies means you could even watch everything whilst in your pajamas. I don’t think that would be allowed at your local movie theatre.

A better date all round
So in summary, if you choose a ‘Netflix and chill’ night, you will be away from the public and can be closer and more intimate in the comfort of your own home, which means that you and your date partner will get to know each other that little bit better. You can even talk during the movie! One of the first aspects of hitting the movie theatre on the first date is that there are too many distractions, and too many social rules, which can be a barrier to forming a connection with someone.

With ‘Netflix and chill’, we think you are more likely to have a better dating experience since the chances of forming a connection will be higher. Plus you can always pause the film any time you need to nip to the toilet!