Fashion trends often repeat themselves over time. Styles and looks are simply redesigned with a modern touch, or sometimes they stay in their original, authentic form. What’s interesting about the term “retro” is that it doesn’t refer to an actual old and antique item, but to a previous, undefined time frame. It’s all relative. There’s no timeline on when the retro era was, which points to the fact that it can be any period, as long as it’s not happening in the present. Officially, the term implies a vintage of at least fifteen years. For example, clothing and accessories from the 90s are considered retro. The retro style makes seasonal comebacks, becoming fashionable and trendy again. Depending on how the high fashion imposes the trends, they are labelled as styles from the 60s, 80s, early millennium etc. We’re here to report on the retro items and products that are trending and currently making a comeback in 2020.

Wallpapers might bring memories of dated floral patterns in your grandmother’s home back from the 60s and 70s. However, they first appeared in the 16th century, making an impact in the industrial design, marketing and consumption. Today, though, they have made a major comeback that looks fresh, modern and futuristic. Geometric patterns, metallics and abstract design wallpapers will add another dimension to your home, especially when placed on an accent wall. Different wallpaper patterns can instantly change the concept of your room. Pick a design, clear a wall and make the instant change you want to see in your room – you might be pleasantly surprised by the results.  

Golden finish
While shiny and sparkling brass made a big entrance in design in the middle of the 90s, that look today is more subtle. Champagne bronze and rose gold matte finish are considered a fresh and modern touch to details. Frames, faucets and furniture took a break from chrome and nickel to give a go-to soft-gold look. Plus, it might give your home the glamorous and chic vibe you want to achieve.  

Gaming and lounge room
In the face of today’s high-tech games, retro gaming makes a significant comeback. People make a lot of effort collecting and repairing machines and arcades that dominated the early days of gaming entertainment. To own gramophones and jukeboxes nowadays is a real treasure. You’ll have fun decorating your time machine room where you can play your favourite games while playing your favourite song on the jukebox. More and more people are adding classic jukeboxes or arcade machines into their houses, not just as cool things to play but also cool things to look at. Many people also like adding a pool tables or classic casino slot machines or ‘one armed bandit’ to really get that fun, gaming atmosphere. Nowadays obviously casinos have mainly transferred their playground online. Check out the top providers and claim free spins, no deposit at SlotsWise. You’ll see how the traditional slot game has changed its landscape in the online community, while others still prefer the hands on approach.

Back in the 70s. a minibar in your house might have been a cupboard that contained a collection of vermouths and Martinis, a handheld soda fountain and possibly a pineapple shaped ice box. Nowadays people are going to massive lengths to decorate their rooms, garages or garden sheds like classic pubs, complete with wooden bar tops and neon signs on the wall. For that authentic touch you can hang a dartboard in the background and even a bell for calling last orders.

Flowers and houseplants, mostly spider plants, were considered as a trendy 70s décor. Filling up the home with greenery and recreating the Jumanji atmosphere is very popular in design today, both as air purifiers and details. According to a few design experts, houseplants do more than just add a touch of nature to your space. One study found that those who spend time in a room or an office that has plants rated themselves as more calm, confident and energised to those who spent time in space without plants.

Above are a few different style ideas that can help redecorate your home. It can be refreshing to upgrade your surrounding with some retro items that will feel both trendy and vintage.