The world of gaming has been through quite a lot in the past few decades, in particular video gaming. With tech advancing at rapid speeds, video games have latched on and transformed from the 8-bit games we all know and love to incredible and immersive landscapes that we can only dream of. Surprisingly, these rapid shifts haven’t affected the quality of new games at all. Many feel that the games of today are much more entertaining (perhaps because they are becoming more like movies). While all these points may be true for some, it’s clear that many older games still manage to pack a punch. And it’s not just old video games that are still popular. There are several classic physical games that seem to live forever. Let’s take a look at a range of them.

Board games
Whether it’s classic family board games or intense, role-playing games, this is a class of gaming which is likely to never go away. And within the genre there are a few stalwarts that are still going strong. Monopoly is probably the daddy of them all, with special editions available for pretty much every property in popular culture. Close behind Monopoly are other classics including Cluedo, The Game of Life, Scrabble and Risk (and one of my perhaps lesser known, but equally awesome, favourites, Escape from Atlantis!). Board games let you sit around a table and socialise, laugh and have fun.

Classic card games
You don’t need pixels and control pads to call something a game. These games are called classic for a reason, and it’s because no matter what shape or form they come in, they still keep people playing. Card games have been around for years, and have enjoyed stardom or notoriety through several different eras, including James Bond’s mythology and also old Western movies. Their latest iteration comes in a digital form most commonly found in online casinos, which also might have something to do with their growing popularity. Table games like Poker and Blackjack are some of the most played real money games in the world in general but combined with the benefits online casinos offer, others never stood a chance. If you want to give them a shot, you can visit sites such as Casimba online casino UK.

Chess is arguably the oldest game of all time. It’s been around in some form, for centuries. It crosses all boundaries. On one hand it’s known as the game of kings, played by royalty and intellectuals, but on the other hand it’s played in the parks of New York by people hustling for a living. Some people may call it boring, and you might think a game like that wouldn’t thrive today in the modern, short attention span society we live in, but actually chess has seen a revival lately. Websites and apps allow people to play wherever they are, against anybody in the world. Games such as blitz have become increasingly popular, allowing people to play a game in 5 mins. And Twitch chess channels have exploded in the last couple of years, and even more so during the pandemic lockdown. It looks like chess will be here for centuries to come.

Space Invaders
When we start thinking about video games, one of the oldest games and most long-lasting in the public psyche is Space Invaders. It, along with Pac-Man, is the classic icon of arcade gaming, recognisable throughout the world. It’s one of those games that has been ported to every single gaming platform available, either officially or through hundreds of bootleg versions. It spawned a whole genre of games such as Galaxian and Galaga. New Space Invaders games, such as the massive Space Invaders Frenzy, are also still being made. Space Invaders is an absolute monster and one that will always remain in the hearts of gamers everywhere.

Mario Kart
When I think of a slightly more modern game than Space Invaders that is still going strong, one of the games that immediately comes to mind is Mario Kart. The original version came out on the SNES in 1992. Since then it has come out on every Nintendo console, has an arcade machine, and has had a total of 10 iterations throughout its lifetime. It combines racing, competition, cute graphics, favorite characters and perfect gameplay. It’s a game that entertains all ages on different levels and will likely always be popular for years to come.

Another game that has continued to live on in different forms is Pokémon. It’s more than just a game. It’s a world, that expands all the time. It’s a story that comes alive in books, cartoons and movies. But it is also a game, using the cards or on gaming consoles. It’s a concept that can be transferred to many different forms of media and you find some Pokémon fans that latch onto one particular part of the world and other fans that prefer other aspects. The latest iteration has been Pokémon Go which has been a global phenomenon and shows that gaming can still allow you to exercise, get fresh air and socialise. If Pokémon keeps evolving (little Pokémon joke there) then it will be around for a long time to come.