Japan is a country that has a unique culture and history and is fascinating to many people who have not yet had the opportunity to be able to travel there. The entertainment trends here are certainly different from many other countries, so in this article we will look at these trends in this country in 2020 and beyond.

Social media is the key for remaining a celebrity
Entertainment in Japan is mostly focused on social media. Basically, here you can see that these platforms have a huge impact on society, on businesses, and on celebrities. The best examples include celebrities such as L’Arc-en-Ciel and Arashi. They have been using social media platforms to stay in touch with their fans, and this is something that most celebrities are going to have make sure they are also doing to a high level. YouTube channels are also proving an increasingly good way to connect with their fans too.

There are over 82 million social media users in Japan. They prefer using apps which are different than the ones you can see in the rest of the world. For example, LINE is the most popular, but there are several others as well.

Big eaters or o-gui are very popular
O-gui literally translates as ‘big eaters’, and it is a trend in Japan that is a bit different. Basically, it involves people trying to eat as much food as they can over a specific period of time. Some can even eat 8 kilograms of food, which is quite a lot. Both men and women are participating in this ‘sport’ but female participants are apparently preferred. Japanese women are typically slim, and it can be a real challenge for them to consume over 8 kilograms of food in one sitting. This has been one of the trends that has had massive popularity in recent months, and we’re sure it will remain just as popular.

Online gambling
Online gambling is also on the rise in Japan. There are more and more ways you can load a casino and play for either real money or just for fun. There are conventional casinos that come with standard games, options, and payment methods. At FukuroCasinos, for example, you can get a complete insight into the reviews of best casino payment methods, one of the most commonly used ones of which is Venus Point.

A more traditional style of casino in Japan is called pachinko casino. Pachinko is a local game that is a mixture between slot and arcade games. It is completely mechanical, and it can be played for free, for fun or for real money like another slot. This game is viral in the country and can be seen in any casino. Other, also rare and Japan-only games can be found here as well.

Camera filters for photos
One thing that is very hot in the entertainment industry in Japan right now is camera filters. These are apps that can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices and will add effects to videos and photos in your camera. These effects may include large eyes, facial hair, rainbows coming out of your mouth and so much more. There are countless apps and countless options available in this trend.

The goal is often to look like an anime character. The same trend is popular across Asia, but in Japan it is a bit special. Often apps like these on phones are tailored specifically for the Asian market.

Pop culture of Japan
Pop culture in Japan is very unique as you may have expected. It is also an extremely productive business in the country. The culture includes movies, music, TV, cuisine, and video games. It was heavily influenced by America, due to the fact Japan was occupied from 1945 until 1952. However, after occupation, Japan started developing new aspects of their own culture. The content today is completely unique and can be considered a big part of Japan.

There are two main parts of the culture that is very different from other parts of the world. These are anime and manga. They are extremely popular in Japan, and are arguably the most popular styles or genres. There are even theme parks across Japan where both tourists and natives can enjoy it. And anime movies are becoming more and more popular and mainstream across the whole world.

Moving away from the sea (umi-banare)
This isn’t a global phenomenon, nor is it digital trend, but it’s interesting nonetheless. It states that Japanese people prefer enjoying swimming pools and natural baths rather than the sea. As a result, night swimming pools where people can have fun in the water have been on the rise for many months now.

According to statistics, over 40% of younger people prefer having fun at night parties with swimming pools than at the beach. One of the main reasons is the fact that they don’t like sand getting inside their clothes and their hair. Just for comparison, elderly people in the country prefer the sea over swimming pools, and they happily go to a beach to enjoy themselves.

The final word
As you are able to see, digital media, different pop culture aspects, and other trends from the list are often unique to Japan. It all combines to make a Japan a truly special place with a unique and vibrant culture. This is just the tip of the iceberg in Japan. There are countless other trends in entertainment in Japan that are equally impressive and different compared to alternatives in the US, Europe, and other parts of the globe. But part of the fun is discovering these magical things by yourself.