When people think of the 80s, what usually comes to mind is the extreme fashion sense back in the day, which includes big hair and bright and bold colors. It is also the time when many people say new wave and punk rock really became mainstream. Some consider it the best decade because of the clothes, the music, the movies, and television shows, as well as because of all of the things that first emerged in this era. In terms of the latter, you may be storing an obscure item from the 80s in your attic that can prove to be valuable nowadays. 

In case you have one of the items listed below, then it could be time to dig up your potential fortune.

Action Figures
Some action figures came out during the 80s that are worth thousands of dollars today. For instance, a Star Wars FX-7 action figure that was released in 1980 recently sold for $8000. But this is of course if you have a mint on card version. Additionally, if you are lucky to have a Thundercats Lion-O action figure still on the package, then you may just be nearly a thousand dollars richer. But even if yours is already out of the card and has some scratches, it can still go for over a hundred bucks.

Books and Board Games
If you have a mint copy 1st edition of the 1985 Polar Express or the 1981 Jumanji in your library, then you could be $800 or $600 richer. These fantastical Chris Van Allsburg classics were a favorite among bookworms in this decade. On the other hand, the 1986 Milton Bradley Fireball Island board game that was quite popular in the 80s has been valued at over $200.

Retro Video Games
The Air Raid Atari game which was released in 1982 can now go for more than $3000 for the cartridge alone. The complete game with the box intact, has even sold for $31000. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that only two copies of the boxed game were ever released to the market. Well, there is also of course the Stadium Events Nintendo game which is now valued at a thousand dollars. This is if you didn’t return the unit that was recalled in 1987 because Bandai wanted to re-brand the Family Fun Fitness floor pad as the Power Pad. If you have the original, then better hold on to it.

Cards and Comics
Baseball cards were a big hit in the 80s but if you have a 1980 Rickey Henderson rookie card, then you might be surprised that it has been valued at over $30000. In terms of game cards, if you have a Garbage Pail Kids (GPK) collection, then you are very fortunate because some of these are considered as the most expensive cards these days. Truth be told, an Adam Bomb card was priced at $4000 in one of the largest eCommerce platforms a couple of years ago.

In addition to this, make sure that your comic books, which have been the basis of most of the movies we see today, are in good condition. The reason behind this is that some of these are greatly valued. For example, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 released in 1984 is currently one of the most expensive comic books published in this era, having a value of around $60000 if you have a top grade. Even the Daredevil #168 comic book has been valued at a thousand dollars.

Try rummaging through your attic now because you may just find a first edition American Girl doll which first hit the market in 1986. These babies can now be worth over $4000 and even more if you have the original accessories and playset. Conversely, if you have Teddy Ruxpin reading you bedtime stories way back in 1985, then you may be a thousand dollars richer, but that is if you have it in mint condition complete with all the working tapes. If not, don’t be too disappointed because he cab still be worth over $500.

To wrap things up, the 80s is indeed a great decade wherein a new kind of fashion and music emerged, which became the basis of what we now have today. Though the toys and several other things were very much different back then, these can be worth a fortune in this modern-day and age. If you still have those action figures, board games, cards, and comics, as well as dolls and even old typewriters in mint condition, then you may just be pocketing a hefty sum.