We know why we love video games. It’s because they are fun, immersive and they provide a glimpse into our imagination that gives us a little getaway from reality. It’s like entering another world where your senses are sharpened and focused and everything is allowed without any consequences. Every legendary title has some special trait that makes it memorable and so addictive, making us glued to the screen of our computers for hours without break. It takes so much effort and creativity to make a good video game and that creativity overflows in so many directions, and minigames are just one of them. They are a fun byproduct of that original premise, a spinoff if you like, that shows us a new and unique glimpse into the world of our heroes and protagonists.

1. Motor Kombat
We all loved Mortal Kombat games from the moment they hit the market, and we still enjoy them today, with no less enthusiasm. Players were always fascinated by those small details during fatalities or mysterious backgrounds where fights took place. This super fun minigame is a racing contest where Sub Zero and Scorpion can drive racing cars in a deadly pursuit that resembles titles like Twisted Metal with some of the vibe from the Fury Road movie. You are going to love this ride in Mortal Kombat Armageddon, which is so original and so fun to play that you might forget about the actual fighting. It is like having a glimpse into what are these combat warriors doing in their spare time. Apparently, they are driving fast vehicles in a deadly Grand Prix contest!

2. Space Mining
You’ve got to have a lot of imagination while playing space adventures or strategy games as the vast universes can feel very empty without it. Mass Effect series is one of the most immersive space-exploring experiences but no space game is complete without an asteroid or some remote planet mining enterprise. On Earth, we mine gold or silver, but in distant galaxies, some other precious metals will make us rich. One of these minigames that explores this fantasy is featured in Mass Effect 2 where you can scan alien planets for precious ores with the power of your wireless mouse. Like we said, this game is for those space lovers who have a lot of imagination and like to roleplay as space traders visiting from another world.

3. Strip poker in Dead Rising 2
You heard right. This is a strip poker minigame that is so much fun that you will forget about those zombies knocking on your door. If you liked Gwent cards in The Witcher card game made by CD Projekt studios then you are about to have even more fun. This minigame requires some serious poker skills, so those who have some experience playing online such as in a casino with NZ dollars on their account will have a blast with this game. You won’t have to spend any real NZ dollars in here but this minigame deserves some stellar review for its fun and creativity. Playing poker has never been so much fun, and once you are done, you can go back to killing those nasty zombies.

4. Liar’s Dice in Red Dead Redemption
Speaking of a card game, it is important to say that not all gamers are big fans of cards, because some like dice games too. Some also like roleplaying as a renegade bounty hunter in the Wild West so Red Dead Redemption provides this perfect blend of all their desires. This is old-fashioned dice rolling duel with the last man standing. It gives veteran players a flashback to an old dice-rolling game in the Guild series where one can enter a tavern and casually bet a few coins in a similar game.

5. GTA 5 minigames
This is a title that needs no introduction and it allows players to totally immerse themselves into this vast open-world of San Andreas. Those who remember Super Monkey Ball minigames will draw a strange parallel with GTA, as every minigame in this game is actually some extra activity that is a part of everyday life for your character. You can drive fancy cars, play golf, go hunting, and do other interesting stuff that constitutes a lavish lifestyle of his imagination. It’s like driving cars and taking scores isn’t enough, but what would life be without these small pleasures that make us happy during the day. We can only wonder what will come next in this series as developers will go even deeper in their quest to provide us even more immersive experience.

What will come next in the world of minigames? This is almost becoming a genre of its own so we can surely expect more diversification in this department. Some minigames are so fun that they might get their standalone edition for those hardcore fans. These little gems are celebrating our imagination plus they can provide more ideas that can take us in unexpected directions. They can inspire game makers to develop new game mechanics and open worlds that will bring us countless hours of fun and entertainment.