Magic: The Gathering or MTG for short has become one of the most popular fantasy card games since its inception in the mid-1990s. People of all ages enjoy the game and huge communities have grown where players can battle their wits against each other. The beauty of the game is that it has been able to convert into the online world with ease, which has led to an increase in its popularity as it has become much more accessible. Due to this popularity, a whole plethora of accessories has sprung up on the market, making gameplay and transportation that little bit more enjoyable. Here we are going to take a look at the most important accessories all MTG players should own.

Carry case
Probably the most important accessory that you will own is your carry case because over time you are going to be transporting a lot of gear. The case needs to be lightweight but durable, and also needs to have enough pockets and compartments for all your cards and game pieces. The number of different cards you will end up carrying may shock a novice player, so plan for the future and purchase a decent-sized case that is designed for the purpose, after all, there is nothing worse than getting your cards jumbled and having to spend hours sorting them out each time you play. 

A playmat
A playmat is an essential accessory as you need something that you can play on to protect your cards and to make gameplay that little bit easier. It is even possible to have customized themed mats made, and experts at can help you to choose the best design for your game and also can advise on the best mat case so that your mat doesn’t crease when it folds up. There is nothing worse than playing on a crushed mat.

A binder
As we all know, different cards have different values, so it is important to keep a binder so that you can keep your money cards safe and sound on your person, as these are by far the most valuable. You can also easily use them to store your playset of four cards as this is the most common denomination that you will play. Furthermore, for novice players, it is often worthwhile having a notepad where you can scribble down any helpful hints and tips, and your binder is the perfect place to store this. So, kill two birds with one stone and buy a binder today.

Rock, paper, and scissor cards 
When you start a game there are always arguments about who goes first and of course, flipping a coin won’t work if there are more than two of you so another option is needed. A dice would work but this goes against the spirit of the card game so why not invest in some specialist starter cards such as paper tiger, scissor lizard, and stone lobster cards? These are played in exactly the same manner as traditional paper scissors stone is done with your hands but in a convenient way with cards laid on the table. 

Specialist dice
We are not talking about normal numbered playing dice here as that would negate everything I said in the previous paragraph. What we are talking about is specialist +1 / -1 dice that are designed specifically for the game. They can be used in a long game where there is a huge stack of cards with different creatures stacked on different cards. As things start to get complicated you can use the dice to keep track of player movements leading to enhanced gameplay. Amateurs may wonder what the fuss is but they are an essential part of an experienced player’s arsenal.

Dice box
As we discussed previously dice are a very important part of the game, especially for an experienced player as you will also need somewhere to store your hex dice. The nature of dice is that they are small and can easily be lost so why not invest in a box to keep them safe and sound? As with the rest of the game, image is important so why not buy a custom made wooden box, to be the envy of all your fellow players.

As we have discussed there are many different accessories that are essential if you want to enjoy MTG to its full potential. You will need a carry case for all your key equipment and a customized play mat will lift your enjoyment levels even further. Keep your valuable money cards in a binder so you are not left out of pocket and invest in some dice and a trendy holder for them to make gameplay easier. With this full list of kits, you will be best placed to beat your fellow gamers and will be the envy of them for years to come.