My memory is that one of the TV ads said that “Micro Machines have the power to move”. That was one of the straplines wasn’t it? Well this book, “Micro But Many: An Unofficial Micro Machines Collection” certainly moved me when I opened it up. It really is a thing of beauty. Kudos to Tim Smith the man behind the book for making such a great visual repository of a classic toy.

One of the enthralling things about Micro Machines was that they were so small and there were so many of them. This made them highly collectible. But for those of who never had an extensive collection, or who have lost their collection over the years, perhaps due to space, this book is a fantastic way to archive hundreds of classic Micro Machines in one binding.

Just look at the gallery below to see what fantastic photography and imagery is in this book.

Not only are there great macro photography shots of loooooots of cars, but there is some fantastic insight into the process of making the toys, the prototyping, the design, the company. Below are some official photos from the ever-awesome Bitmap Books publishers. I’ve bought loads of amazing books from them and this one is no exception.

If you have any interest in Micro Machines I would strongly recommend this book. It is obvious that it has had many hours of loving hard work put into the making of it. You can order the book from the Bitmap Books website.