From crime-solving aficionados to those who just want a good laugh, nothing beats a glass of wine and a large bowl of popcorn on your couch in front of your TV for several hours.

If you’ve got a little too much time on your hands or are looking to procrastinate, keep reading for ten of the best TV shows to binge watch today.

1. Parks and Recreation
A true feel-good classic with an amazing cast and a great storyline, Parks and Rec is an easy watch. With seven seasons (although the last season is arguably a bit hit or miss), you’ll be able to lounge for hours as you laugh out loud at Leslie and Ron’s back and forths, or the unusual relationship between Tom and Andy. If you liked The Office, Parks and Rec should be the next show on your list.

2. Game of Thrones
No binge-worthy list of TV shows is complete without Game of Thrones. Although the ending had most people up in arms, you’re sure to find yourself unable to look away as Daenerys Targaryen grows from a meek girl into the Mother of Dragons. This eight-seasoned show is not for the faint of hearted as it features a great deal of lifelike war, death, sex, and rape.

3. Breaking Bad
The 2008 drama may not be at the center of our group chats anymore, but it remains a continuous discussion in pop culture nevertheless, and we keep hearing about people that are only just discovering it. Lucky them. The show features a chemistry teacher, Walter White, who is diagnosed with cancer. With nothing to lose, a large amount of debt, and a baby on the way, he turns to making meth with an old student to make ends meet.

As you can imagine, things quickly escalate and soon Walter is facing and competing with the biggest drug cartels that Mexico has to offer. The show is the perfect mix of science, drama, and adventure, making it a great binge watch.

4. Sherlock
If, like many of us, you grew up reading Sherlock Holmes stories and helping him and Watson solve mysteries, you need to watch the show, Sherlock. With four seasons the show actually only has 14 episodes, but each episode is about an hour and a half long.

The show stars Benedict Cumberbatch and follows Sherlock and Watson through some pretty dark mysteries, especially when they meet Moriarty. If you like a darker take on life, you absolutely need to binge-watch this TV show.

5. The Office
Both the UK and US versions of this classic are must-watch TV, and you’ll be missing out on a great many amazing memes and pop culture references until you do. With 9 seasons of pure amazing joy and laughs, the US version can be a tough show for some to get into. However, if you can make it through the first season you’ll be hooked for life.

6. Shameless
This is another show that is based on a UK show originally. With 10 seasons of crass jokes and real-life struggles faced by the people of America, ‘shameless’ is indeed the best way to describe the show.

Say hello to a large family-run by the older sister, Fiona, who helps her sibling manage an alcoholic father, teenage pregnancy, homosexuality, and drugs. Although the show sounds dark, the family takes it in stride and you won’t be able to get through an episode without laughing out loud.

If you want a little bit of everything in your binge-watch, you need to start with Shameless.

7. Modern Family
Similarly to Shameless but a bit more family-friendly and focusing on the upper-middle class, this easy-to-watch show follows three families who are all somehow related. In the true sense of its title, this modern family has a typical nuclear family, a gay couple with an adopted baby, and a grandfather with a beautiful 30 something for his wife.

If you want something easy on in the background, this is definitely the show for you.

8. Schitt’s Creek
This absolute gem of a show took the world by storm in 2015. Its six-season run makes it the perfect show to binge-watch.

Schitt’s Creek follows a rich family who loses everything except their ownership of a crappy town known as Schitt’s Creek. The humorous story follows the parents and their two adult children as they move into a motel and try to get their lives back on track.

If you want just a taste of how great this show is, check out this clip of Alexis’s audition for the musical with her song “A Little Bit Alexis”.

9. Black Mirror
If you’ve ever questioned the dark side of technology, whether it’s self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, or even social media, then Black Mirror is the show for you.

There’s no overarching storyline in the show, but instead, each episode features a new set of characters and actors. Throughout each hour-long episode, the darker sides of technology are explored, often with a major twist at the end.

Don’t expect to multitask while you watch this show because it truly deserves your full attention. Incredible television.

10. Bones
As one of the best crime shows out there, Bones is for everyone who likes to help solve a murder. The show follows Temperance Brennan, world-renowned anthropologist and her team as they work with the FBI and Agent Booth to solve crimes.

Each episode features the same cast solving different crimes, but throughout the show, you’ll see recurring serial killers like the Gravedigger that make multiple appearances before being apprehended.

Bonus: The Morning Show
This is one of the more recent Apple TV plus shows starring Jennifer Anniston and Reese Witherspoon explores the gender dynamics of morning shows across America. With such incredible talent at the forefront, this show is not to be missed.

Because it’s relatively new, the show only has 10 episodes, so it should be relatively easy to binge-watch the entire thing today!

Where to Find the Best TV Shows to Binge Watch
The ideal binge-watching situation is never having to leave your couch. The episodes should just keep rolling on until you decide it’s time for more food and drinks!

These streaming services are some of your best bets for finding amazing binge-worthy shows:

  • HBO Now
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Apple TV Plus

You’ll easily find hundreds if not thousands of the best tv shows to binge watch. Enjoy!