Gaming and the screen have had an interesting history. There are of course many excellent game shows that have been made for TV, but video games have not always made successful transitions from console to screen. Sometimes games are made into successful movies, such as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia, but on the other hand you also get Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter and Doom. Sometimes the crossover goes the other way and great movies are easily adapted into video games for us to enjoy the narrative a second time around. Successful examples include The Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tron and Alien versus Predator (let’s not mention E.T. on the Atari).

It is not just video games either. There have been instances where movies and TV series have been rebirthed into casino slot games such as Netflix’s Narcos series – as have musicians and renowned bands. A new trend of casino games being broadcast live on TV channels is also prevailing. This trend allows you to play at online casinos, but do it via your smart TV with a live host and a likeminded community of players.

It’s easy to identify a lot connections between the gaming and film/TV industries, but we believe there may be a few missed opportunities. Here are some video games that we feel should really be made into a series or Hollywood blockbuster.

1.   Crash Bandicoot

For big Crash Bandicoot fans, they will already be aware that there has been a mini web series made of our apple-gobbling and box-smashing friend. Crash also appeared as a cameo role with Spyro the Dragon in Skylanders Academy. Despite flirting with the screen, Crash Bandicoot deserves his feature animation film that would bring retro gaming fans to the cinemas. With more people playing retro games today, the market for such a film could be huge.

2.   Red Dead Redemption

Westerns have already proven themselves as cinema gold. There is already a market sitting waiting for the next big Western film, and Red Dead Redemption could be that. Yet, this is a role-playing game and a very long one. It might make a better TV series than it would a film.

3.   Final Fantasy

Another game that would make an excellent TV series over a film is Final Fantasy. We obviously have had some animated movies and shorts of this game, including a pretty good animated film, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, in 2001. But I think a live action movie or show would now be more feasible. These games are brought out in their numbers, which would be a great way to divide them up into seasons and maintain storylines. Just like the other two, there is already a considerable gaming market staring at Netflix and waiting for this to happen.

4.   Battlefield

Battlefield may be a great video game to transform into a WW1 screening. It could arguably be done as a TV series or a feature film. Modern audiences have already declared their appreciation of these films if the recent 1917 and Spielberg’s War Horse is anything to go by. Especially as 1917 felt more like a third person perspective linear video game, some interesting things could be done here. I wonder if they could also incorporate the repeating lives feature of Edge of Tomorrow to make it feel even more like a video game film.

5. Metal Gear Solid

Anyone who has experienced the tension and coolness of the Metal Gear Solid games will surely agree that a movie would be a great idea. I’m thinking that it’s a cool way to make what could be like a modern remake of Escape from New York, but in the style of Metal Gear Solid. I can already imagine that the movie trailer would end with Snake’s communications being cut off and someone shouting, “Snaaaaaaaake”!

So, come on Hollywood. You’re making movies like Battleship and Rampage, but how about making some of these ones above?