Retro gaming culture isn’t always about looking back. Sure, nostalgia is fun, and we’re all about remembering the amazing releases that changed the game. But, as much as we obsess over the originals, there’s a new dog in the fight for our attention.

Welcome to the world of remastered retro games. Love it or hate it, remastering culture is big business for gaming companies. Some noble knights and independents are even able to take classic games, console or tabletop, and turn them into re-rendered and remastered digital playgrounds.

But why? If we’re so into the original versions, is there any reason to change them?

Okay, let’s be frank. Not everybody has an immaculate Sega Mega Drive or PlayStation sat in their gaming haven. So, remastering classic games for modern consoles gives more people a chance to enjoy them. Take the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy as an example. These games were a right of passage for many young gamers and are close to many a now adult’s heart. So, it’s hard not to get excited about revisiting its expansive tropical world remastered with 21st century technology. The same goes for the worlds of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Mega Man Legacy Collection, and Resident Evil.

In some cases, even online casinos are going the extra mile. They’re bringing back iconic slot games into the digital age via their websites. How about the remaster of Jackpot 2000 as an example? This game was synonymous as a past time for Norwegian shoppers. Yet, although a fun past time, these games all disappeared around 2007. Until online casinos decided to recreate them that is. You can see for yourself by visiting for a review and a free demo of Jackpot 6000.

Speaking of on-location gaming, how about all the hacks and indies bringing classic arcade games to our computers? There is a huge online community of retro gaming enthusiasts remastering seriously old school stuff for the fun of it. Unlike the big dogs at Nintendo and Sony, these guys are responsible for the more niche but equally awesome remakes. Their lack of big budget is always backed by a distinct passion for arcade culture. So far, we’ve seen brilliant recreations of famous classics such as Pac Man, Aliens, Sonic, and Donkey Kong just to name a few. But for the more hardcore fans, hidden gems and others that didn’t break into the mainstream are making a comeback. Barbarian and Wonder Boy have both been remade, remastered, and revitalized into epic adventures by independent fans. You’ll remember the same characters, scenarios, and nail-bitingly difficult bosses – just with a spring clean and a few extras.

While the crisper graphics and smoother game play gives these familiar favorites a new, almost Ferrari handling feel, there’s more to it than that. We’re amazingly fortunate to be able to sit at home and access these titles with nothing more than an internet connection. Plus, for some retro fans, it’s a way of experiencing these games for the first time. Retro gaming fans can now play titles that were big before they were even born. Whereas before you’d need to fill your pocket with quarters and track down a machine, today you could simply pay with cryptocurrency via your laptop.

As retro gaming fans, it can be far too easy to get caught up looking backwards. Instead, perhaps it’s time to fully embrace the world of remastering the classics.