My look at old ZX Spectrum 8-bit computer magazines continues. This time we’re looking at the next issue of Your Spectrum, Issue 19 from October 1985.

All images are taken from the ever-awesome Internet Archive. Here is the full magazine if you want to take a closer look.

Great advert. Great product name.

These are pretty great deals! Quite a lot of discount for 1985.

Check out the process above that you had to go through in order to claim the discount though! Long before the internet of course.

I love reading breaking news from back in the day, as it happened. Interesting to read above about how Robert Maxwell pulled out of the deal that the magazine had been reporting about for the last few issues. Great cartoon too.

Great to see Zoids getting a mention above. And funny that they did that ‘wrong name’ photo joke that became very common in Viz in later years. I assume that joke probably started in Private Eye.

Pique! I love that mascot from the 1986 Mexico World Cup.

Interesting cover art for International Karate.

Nice little feature on Way of the Exploding Fist, a game I put hours into as a kid.

Optimistic thinking from that top ad. “Don’t just play games!”

Nice to see a letter from my hometown Glasgow here, and also one from Leigh-on-Sea, just down the road from where I live now!

Great BMX cartoon from Nick Davies above.

Ultimate still have four games in the Top 10!

I love map articles like this one, and isometric games lend themselves very well to this sort of feature.

Action Biker! Sponsored by KP Skips. This game gets a lot of hate but I used to love it! Very low marks from the jury though!

Very classy and striking job advert here.

Nice to get some tips for Knight Lore. I adored that game but was never very good at it!