In the classic WoW, the world on the live servers was different from the one you find today, as there have been so many story developments in the meantime. What was going on back then and which faction do you feel you belong to? From a purely mechanical point of view, the decision whether you want to play Horde or Alliance is crucial for your hero’s further path. Let’s have a brief look at some of the factions.

The Horde

The Horde is still quite young in Classic WoW. The orcs, the dark spear roll, the Tauren and the abandoned form a community that is eyed rather suspiciously by one or the other. Warchief is the hero of the Horde. Thrall, who has freed the man-enslaved orcs and is now trying to build a capital for all Horde people in the desert of Durotar: Orgrimmar. Thrall is already a hero, as he is in the book, after all, he has already covered himself with all kinds of glory in Warcraft 3. That’s why it’s easy to identify with the orc.

The Alliance

It is more difficult for Allianz. The alliance of the blue includes humans, night elves, gnomes, and dwarves, which gather in the relatively small and insignificant Kingdom of Stormwind under the lion banner of the human king Anduin and his watchdog Bolvar Fordragon. However, Stormwind was only the capital of the alliance on paper. The capital of the hearts was Ironforge.

The reason for Ironforges’ popularity is that the city is quite central. It was the first point of contact for two-player groups and also offered the shortest route between the auction house and the bank where you can deposit your vanilla WoW gold. Let’s talk briefly about Anduin, who played no role in Classic WoW apart from the Allianz Onyxia quest series and had not even been given his own model by the WoW developers. Anduin is Varian Wrynn’s son, but at the time the players only knew the name of the missing dad. The whereabouts of the king or whether a return was to be expected was all uncertain. Accordingly, Anduin held the position as a small, pale fellow – hardly an identification figure for members of the alliance.

If you are already sure which class you want to chase through the vast lands of Azeroth in your nostalgia adventure, consider the following: There are only human and dwarf paladins on the part of the alliance, the Horde simply does not have this class. But the red orcs, tauren, and trolls are allowed to become shamans and ram their totems. Something the Alliance heroes are denied until The Burning Crusade starts.