The long awaited Spectrum Next is hopefully coming out this month, so it’s time for me get back into taking a look at the last few issues of Your Spectrum magazine, to get back into a Speccy frame of mind, as explained in my first post about old Spectrum mags. Here’s my look at the highlights of Your Spectrum Issue 16 from July 1985.

All images are taken from the ever-awesome Internet Archive. Here is the full magazine if you want to take a closer look.

In the page above we have an interesting example of when bespoke art for a game ad might not actually sell the game better than the in-game graphics. And the in-game graphics aren’t great!

I believe the above page has an early appearance of Teresa Maughan who later went on to become Editor of Your Sinclair.

Always great to see a James Bond logo and advert. I used to be a bit obsessed with Bond artwork and design and used to recreate the bond logo and gun barrel design dozens of times.

Five Ultimate games in the Top Ten. They really were the kings of the UK games industry for a few years.

Some more great artwork, presumably by Nick Davis as ever.

Great name for the feature, and there’s something I love about disk drives. The ‘clunk click’ of a 3″ floppy drive was very satisfying.

Roger gave Chuckie Egg a ‘Miss’? Hope you’ve been lying awake at night ever since this went to print Roger.

I’m a big fan of subtle negative pyschology in advertising, but I wonder if anyone actually bought the ‘Don’t Buy This!’ compilation above.

Ooh, just look at those sexy Spectrum peripherals. I always wanted a microdrive. They just looked like the epitome of cool.

The Tinder of 8-bit computers above.

I’m a huge fan of The Rocky Horror Show but I’ve never actually played this game. I will have to rectify that soon, methinks.