The classics are back with a passion. We see generations of gamers fully immersed in retro titles on old Sega and Atari devices, as well as smartphones. What makes 8-bit entertainment so interesting today? Simplicity. Funky tunes. Nostalgia. The nerve-racking challenge. Pac-Man and Space Invaders will put your reflexes and patience to the test, especially on arcade cabinets. All these factors and more are why these gaming machines never died out, reappearing in pubs, amusement parks and the houses of true video game fans.

Ready-made cabinets are around, but not always conveniently located or priced. If that market fails you, there’s always the option of building your very own machine. You’ve probably seen Retromash’s head honcho Michael’s home arcade machine that he built. That was a generic cabinet, but many other people like recreating specific individual games for themselves.

Donkey Kong

While Donkey Kong can be found on modern devices, die-hard fans can vouch for the satisfaction of designing and constructing a fully functioning arcade starring everyone’s favourite gorilla. Handy plans and tools are offered all over the internet, like YouTube tutorials and Google Sketchup files, needed to find your way around where all the planks, wires and buttons are supposed to go. The final artistic touches, classic or modern, can then bring the whole ensemble together to even match your home’s décor. Looking around at what’s available quickly reveals the luxury of choice gamers enjoy today.   


More and more gamers these days revere or respect not only some retro titles, but also some of the creaters. Namco’s legacy, for example, involves far more than modern Galaga arcade machines, LED-backlights or highly functioning replicas of a classic, that many people will see these days. In addition to the Tekken franchise, Namco is the ingenious studio behind Pac-Man, going on to collaborate with Blitz Games in 2005 for Pac-Man World 3, playable on PC and console. The company’s fame has persevered for two reasons: its love for good video games and customer satisfaction. Some modern gaming developers, such as Microgaming, have inherited these values. Alongside the likes of Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones slots, it’s also part of a brand that earns players’ loyalty through a dedication to quality gameplay and constant innovation in a volatile but exciting industry. The studio’s Bonanza slot game, for example, uses superior graphics for its gem-encrusted design and Exploding Reels effects.

Star Wars

Developers go to great lengths to ensure our video game culture continues to thrive. The previous examples show that gamers are just as eager to support the industry by buying its products and sharing their proud DIY feats. All these efforts are redoubled when it comes to an iconic Sci-fi brand like Star Wars. In terms of Atari’s 1983 video game adaptation of Luke Skywalker’s defeat of the Death Star, a typical arcade machine was never going to be good enough and so the cockpit cabinet came to be after a long and rocky journey. The designs for this and the upright model still exist today as ready-made machines and in the form of build plans for the braver fans. This is another case of a hugely popular title with state-of-the-art games to its name, but which is constantly honoured for its classic significance as much as its contributions to gaming technologies.

The modern world is driven by entertainment and tech innovation, neither of which would have reached its current status without the influence of retro video games and, of course, the backing of their adoring audience. The appreciation of this fact can be seen in the seemingly immortal trend of arcade machines.